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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I saiiiiiddd BRRRRRR its cold in here....i said there must be some...wait....nope its just freaking COLD!

Does anyone else want to watch Bring it on?.....I am pretty positive I just showed my age...oh yeah "TOROS!! "

Well...if you follow me on instagram you know that it has been colder than Antarctica and Greenland the last 2 days....and what would normally be sarcasm is my unfortunate truth.....seriously it has been colder than both of those places the last two days!.....WHAT THE!?

Ok moving on...kind of...soooo as I am writing this post...I am seriously wishing I had a snuggie.....GHASP....I hated the commercials when they came out because lets be real...they were dumb!....then I thought they were ugly....well I still do..but dangggg bitches be warm at least!

Im all over here sitting with a camo fleece blanket trying not to get frost bite on my arms....inside.

Ok on to more important matters.  I RE-started my engine for the healthy road....(insert velveeta).  So I failed to remember that my work Christmas party was Friday night.....Eff....and there were free drink tickets....double EFF.

Well I gave into the drink tickets....I had 2 and a half tall boy bush lights....mmm mmm GOOD!
Can I get an amen?

I also mentioned to you all that I was going to start using NutriBurn....which I did...and I have had AT LEAST one shake meal replacement every day except sunday.

Last Thursday and Friday I had 2 meal replacement shakes (lunch and breakfast).  I had a few snacks at the party, but didn't allow myself to give up the hard work from Thursday like usual and say "ohhh I'll start "for real" on Monday".  NO! I let myself have a few beers and a small portion of delicousness. I felt a little guilty, but then I felt like poo the rest of the night which just reassured me I am making the right choices!

Saturday I had a shake for breakfast, and the rest of the day is one big BLUR of nothing....I am trying to soak up as much nothing-ness as possible on the weekends...because lets be serious for about 5 seconds...this girl is getting married in 3 months and my weekends are already nearly full....at least its with super fun things!

Sunday I ate pretty much what I wanted with in reason, remember I cleaned out my house of JUNK so the foods I had to snack on were crackers, organic pb cereal, veggies, and some jelly beans that escaped the garbage....but not for long..I through those dirty whores away!

I have been on the struggle bus with work outs...BIG TIME...I am feeling super de duper guilty that I haven't used my treadmill set up since Thursday...but DAMN gina...its been even colder in our heated garage....ok NOT a valid excuse but seriously I can not get warm ( insert everyone laughing because if I got off my ass and worked out I would warm up)

I get it I get it.... I need to...I have to work out....I will be adding Jillian Michael's to the line up this week...the cold really makes my arthritic knees and ankle feel superb so I have been trying to avoid more pain.

However, I feel like I am starting to self sabotage again...I don't want this journey to seem unreal...like I don't struggle...because holy buckets I struggle A LOT!  I want to be real...so I am sharing real thoughts....I don't wake up every morning thinking "alright day...LETS DO THIS"....I would love to get myself to that point but right now its more like..."EFF YOU alarm clock..this bitch is freakin tired....snooze"

But seriously, I am proud of myself and I am curious to see what my weigh in brings on Thursday!

The place where I have struggled the most the last few months has been work...I decided to not keep any snacks at my desk ( DANGER)...instead I have mints or gum....GUM has become my new bff! I just bought a 6pack of 2 different flavors at Walgreen's for cheap!  I find that it totally keeps my thoughts down on food.

Tonight I did well with dinner, I eat normal food...and by that I mean no dinners and no deprivation with in reason at dinner.  However I do eat on a salad plate and I do NOT go back for seconds.

Tonight I was still super hungry so I had some crackers and one piece of sea salt soiree....if you have not had this piece of heaven PLEASE don't deprive yourself any longer!  Its amazing! Plus one square is only 2 points...POINTS.....Weight watcher points.....but that's another days dime!

How has your first week of the new year been going? Are you achieving goals? 

Ps speaking of goals...remember my post that had 36 goals or so in 365 days? Yeah those are almost due and I haven't done half...but I do have new ones....some are fitness, some are personal and some are spiritual...won't you join me in setting some serious goals?

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. You're hilarious!! Have you warmed up yet?
    Did you do workouts this week?
    And those boots, on IG, are to die for!!! Good choice beautiful! I love them!!


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