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Monday, November 4, 2013

What do apples, hunting and postcards have in common?

....that pretty much sums up my weekend!

I was ecstatic to become completely free this weekend, although that pesky migraine decided to lurk its ugly head again!

BUT before it did I was able to order save the dates....and for cheap! If you ever need greeting cards or anything on paper your heart desires head over to Pear tree greetings! I can't wait to get them in the mail! :-)

Also I haven't shared many engagement photos besides the collages so I thought I'd share my faves as well as one that has the sign I made!

I am so utterly thrilled with all of  our pictures! If y'all think J is miserable ....he kind of was had a horrible migraine and hates pictures....but his half smiles show how much he loves me!  I truly am blessed! ( even if he does open a new can of chicken broth when there was open beef broth to use on the pot roast!)

Saturday I feel like all I did was run run run.....except not the kind of running I am dying to do!

Sunday was a bit more relaxing, we woke up went to church. Did the usual,eat lunch at the local cafe, while working on addresses for the wedding.  I am so happy to be almost done with that part!

With that extra hour J thought he could fit more into the day....HA! He decided to see if baby girl was gun shy! He took her out by our house and let out some chuckers (small birds like pheasant).  She did amazing for being 8 months old! So proud of both my babies! I was definitely a proud mama.....BUT nuts to that crap....I don't do birds on ground and I especially don't do birds flying in the air towards me!

For dinner I tried something completely out of my comfort zone.  I still don't have a name for it but it was a mix of what I found in J's outdoor magazine and Chris Powell's recipe from his new book!

For now I shall call it tart apple pheasant and rice! It was pretty delicious :-)  for those of you who don't know what pheasant is....it tastes like chicken it's just a little dryer if not cooked carefully!

Even with the time change.....my weekend wasn't long enough....tikka doesn't think so either...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weddings, Road trips, and cleanses OH MY!

Well that weekend went by WAY too fast for me! I am still exhausted today....in fact I'm not entirely sure I am awake right now......super safe since I just made dinner...I hope its as good as it looks :)

This past weekend one of my very first friends I made in college got married.  Its so weird to think we have only known each other for less than 10 years.

I am so very blessed because not only do I still have all my girls from when I was a kid, but I also have a new set of girls that I love just as much from college.

I was reunited with my college faves and it was one hell of a weekend!  She did everything herself...and by everything..I mean EVERYTHING girlfriend made her flowers!

She was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen....I seriously have big shoes to fill!

I was her personal attendant and she was so sweet to let the wedding party bring "spouses". So J got to come too....I'm not gonna lie that was probably my favorite part of the night.

I don't know what is going on with my body anymore but I seriously can't eat a ton of greasy fatty junk because I feel like shitake mushrooms the rest of the night.  On top of my super migraine that decided to stay for 2 weeks!

I love J more and more after each time he does something for me when I know he'd rather be doing something else ( hunting...this is HUGE folks).....umm I was a bad fiancé and didn't know that the ceremony/reception were being held on a hunting preserve.....oops!

I struggled with my carb cycling last week.....the carb days mess me up....weird right? I forget to eat them!

I am focusing on the cleanse and eating clean the next 10 days and then when that's over back to carb cycling..I know I am setting myself up for failure if I try to dominate both at the same time....just starting the carb cycling.

Today was day 1 of the advocare cleanse...attempt numero tres!  I WILL NOT waste my money this time! I want to get a good "re-set" in so that my carb cycling can do its thang!

Breakfast was perfect, minus I meant to get up earlier....stupid tiredness!

There were a few rough patches today where I thought about cheating....number 1 LUNCH- I was too lazy to make lunch last night because I was freaking exhausted from our 5.5 hour drive home with 5 hours of sleep.

Excuses Excuses....I did however plan my meals out last night and put them into myfitnesspal....does this help anyone else? I do WAY better when I log the night before...I don't have to guess what I am going to eat.

I planned to go to Subway for a double chicken chopped salad with a vinaigrette dressing.....as I left work I really REALLY wanted McDonald's....gross right?!  Well I held strong...I got my salad from Subway- now if I can just teach them NOT to mix warm meat into the lettuce mix when I am taking it to go...slimy lettuce isn't really my thang!

I really struggled this afternoon....I was STARVING!  I had half of a mini bag of popcorn...it could have been MUCH worse!

After work I wanted a cheeseburger SO BAD, but I refuse to give up on this cleanse on the first effing day no less! I will see 10 days straight of this B!

So instead of a greasy fatty cheeseburger...I made burrito bowls with guacamole...mmmm I love guacamole!

Tomorrow will be better! I have better options for meals!

On a happy/creepy note...I found this pic posted on Pretty Little Liars Fb page...lets just say if I had a baby girl...she would totes be this for Halloween!
Until tomorrow.....how was your weekend?!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Never Sit Still

So I normally don't talk about my job on here, and for good reason.

However I did want to share with you how awesome my job is and how jealous you should be! :)

So National Customer Service week happens every year.  However I have never heard of a company doing what my employer does.

They take that week and up the anti!  I felt like I was in high school again for homecoming spirit week...IT WAS AWESOME!

The theme for it was "Think Service"...so my job took that and then tied in "Keep calm Party On".

All over the office they had "Keep calm" sayings.  This was my original favorite....

but then I found one that said "Keep calm (with a heart monitor screen).....ok wait not that calm (the heart went flat)....it was hilarious and its hanging at my desk now.

We had themed days as I mentioned before and these were my 2 "Go all out" days.

"Hunt for a resolution"- Camo day

"Show your shine"-Neon,glitter,sequins

I won this day...not the camo day, I am still convinced it was rigged! Maybe I was too camo'ed out...they couldn't see me ;)

Each day they had a special treat and a present for us....ummm yes I love presents!

The last day (Friday) we got nice sweatshirts and then the last few hours of the day they took us somewhere annnnnd wait for it......yeah I got to have a few drinks! BOOM! My job is better than yours!!

It may be a job that drives me crazy days, but I love it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don't Stop Believin.....

So first of all You are welcome for getting some Journey stuck in your head! Everyone's day could use a little Journey!

So as I was trying to come up with a title for this post that song just kept popping in my head.

It occurred to me that that song relates to so many different aspects of life.  Whether its trying to find someone, searching for the "you" you are meant to be, struggling with life problems....it doesn't matter.  This song can give hope to any situation.

Ok maybe I read a little more into that song...but seriously anytime I feel bad and this song comes on I start singing and acting like im in their damn video!

I love the fact that it causes your brain to step back and say hey wait a minute YOU can do this!

There are people that have your back, even when you feel alone!

WELLL...on to what brought this up....I didn't post last night because I had a deep tissue massage....and when I left...well lets just say that I could have upchucked my entire day....I have an inner ear issue (like don't put me on a spinny ride unless you are prepared to see projectile vomit).

So let me just say that I "started" Sunday and didn't do well at all Sunday like I mentioned already, BUT I did OK yesterday ( I may have had McDonalds for lunch)...the guilt was terrible....I still feel like I failed myself.

However I redeemed myself for dinner and had a plain grilled pork chop, TONS of green beans and a spoonful of betty Crocker potatoes (80cal).

Today was even better....although I didn't so well with the no/low carbs ...I am not giving up on that just yet..BUT I did AMAZEBALLS today...

I totes forgot to put deodorant on this morning....and realized when I was almost to work and had 6 minutes to punch in...SUPER!

So let me just say THANK GOD it is freezing in our office.  I ran to wal mart on my lunch (across the street) and grabbed deodorant and began to wander....which is dangerous on pay day.

I walked down the chip isle about 3 times...but just kept thinking about the statement that Mama Laughlin put on her page today.....

    "YOU...yeah I am talking to you....you can do this...."

So I bought a pack of celery, carrots and broccoli with ranch instead of chips.

I just kept replaying that in my head...I will NOT let myself down AGAIN! I won't! I want to look SMOKIN on our honeymoon, and I WILL be ready!

I have made several goals per Chris Powell's new book....and it Definitely helps!

I did some grocery shopping after work so I have lunch and dinner options through Friday.

ANNNNDDDDD since I am always so jealous of everyone's grocery shopping extravaganza shots I needed my own! :)

Saturday morning one of my amazing friends from college ties the knot and I get to be apart of her special day! I will def share more about that Monday! ;)

Here is a real sneak peak at our engagement session!

Remember Don't Lose sight for what you want tomorrow for a piece of cake today!

And just because I love my baby girl so much, I thought I would share this...if you follow me on IG then you have seen this picture (Cowboybootsandanapron)

How can you not fall in love with this little one!?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend recap- lots of funnnnn wedding stuff

HOLD THE PHONE....I actually have done my 2nd post in a row since I started my new job...in blogging terms...light years!

So my weekend was quite spectacular....lets start at the beginning.

Friday night, I got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies! I have known these girls since I was itty bitty and I love that we are all still close!

My intentions Friday were to go eat pizza at Happy Joe's with them and our boys and then come home and finish signs for Sunday (sneak peak to come).

Well as per usual my plans never work out as I PLAN.....but its always so much better that way.

J was having fun with their boys so of course that meant I really wanted to stay! :)

Most of them are hunters as well so of course he was eating up the fact that they were all with us instead of in a tree stand.....I say count your dang blessings!

We ended up going to the martini bar in my hometown...can I just say that it is super cute and if I could transplant it somewhere else I totes would....but there is just something about going "home" when it doesn't feel like "home" anymore.  The good thing was most of us were on the same page :)

I will not be wearing this sweater anymore...it makes me look so oddly shaped...wth lol :)

I can't believe how late we stayed out, but it was worth it.

Saturday morning I got up fairly early so we could go meet with a new florist.

I went with my mama and my future MIL, and we had quite the day.  Loved what we heard at the florist and I hope my vision comes out in their flowers!

After that 2 hour task we stopped for lunch...and this is when I realized that I am truly getting OLD andddd my body HATES me!

Saturdays will be my "free days" on my carb cycling and I knew I wanted to just not think about food so I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap and fries.....and BOY OH BOY did I pay for it....MISERY set in and I barely wanted supper.

We went to a few other stops, and then I had to go get my ring all purdied up :).  It was SOOOO sparkly when I left :)

I stopped to get Chinese ( why not finish myself off with more grease) I ate about half and threw the rest out. (Go ME)

I then needed to finish my signs (which my future in laws assisted with :))- have I mentioned how lucky I am?!?!

The signs were finished and I was in bed at midnight.....

Sunday morning came SUPER DE DUPER fast! I was up at 7 to get ready for ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!! I was nervous/excited/angry with myself/but mostly excited!

I  wanted to have lost about 30 lbs before these pictures and THAT did NOT happen!

However, I did feel pretty in the outfits I chose which is a bonus!

My MOH came over ( bless her heart) and helped me get ready! :) I wouldn't have looked nearly as cute without her!

I can't wait to share all the photos with you!

Starting the carb cycling did not go so well Sunday and I felt like a HUGE failure...but today I woke up and KNEW that I had to get this shit GOING!

Thankfully I was way prepared and made my lunch Sunday night!  Tomorrow I will share ALLL about my LOW carb Day one and how I DIDN'T CHEAT ONCE and I wasn't even really hungry through out the day! :)

One last food for thought, and of course I HAVE to mention my FAVE boutique owner Becka...over at KLR....I saw this today posted on Dave Ramsey's fb page and I fell in love! Becka is the first person I thought of and of course it made me think twice about my actions today!

How was your weekend!?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to change your state of mind and recharge your battery? A revelation like no other!

Well, well well...I realize I have been MIA for quite sometime now....No excuses.

I have reasons why I  haven't blogged, but most of it boils down to poor time management.  I honestly have been completely overwhelmed with the fact of starting a new job, planning a wedding ( which is in less than 6 months by the way AHHHHH), and falling off the wagon, getting back on and falling off again. 

I had fallen into one of the BIGGEST states of I don't give a rats ass (when it comes to food) that I have been in, in a LONG LONGGGGGG time.

I mean I was full out embarrassed and disgusted with myself when I got on the scale. 

Tonight I saw myself in a picture with my girlfriends I grew up with and I was appalled.  How did this happen? How did I let myself get to this point? Was I really that blind to how far I had gotten out of control?

One thing you need to understand if you are a new or old reader, is that A. if you are here you might also have a food addiction, if that is the case you know fully and understand 100% what I am about to say. If you are group B. and you haven't really had a food issue- no eating disorder of any kind, no real emotional connection to food...I.E my lovely fiancé....then you can never understand why that one slice of pizza after 3 pieces holds such a powerful hold on you. 

How you can make goals for yourself and promise that you will follow through but you brain once again defeats you.  How you can make promises to other people ABOUT them or FOR them, but if it even has the slightest bit to do with you personally then you may drop it like a damn fly!

Why can I go above and beyond for everyone but myself?  That stops now! I am tired of being tired, I am tired of feeling sick after eating foods that I know will make me feel yucky (fried foods, lots of white breads, etc)

I recently bought Chris Powell's new book, and by recently I mean 2 days ago.  I "read" it in a few hours- and I absolutely needed it.

It really helped me realign my thoughts.  I have been thinking about carb cycling A LOT lately.  I did it once before and had a significant loss, however I gave it up after an ankle flare up and my heart just wasn't in it.

I realize that I am not going to be able to be perfect 100% of the time forever, and I am ok with that. BUT if I can be 99.9% for the next 6 months I know that I can hit my goal and do it in a healthy manner.

I want you all to join me in my journey to regaining back my life- both my mind and physical parts.

I know that my fiancé loves me regardless of how I look, but I don't love me everyday, and THAT is NOT ok!

I love when Skinnymeg talks about how you don't have to be skinny, fit, or anything else to be happy.

That is oh so true. I WILL allow myself to be happy, I WILL allow myself to indulge every now and then ( I get a free day once a week) I WILL hold myself accountable this go round.

I know what you are all thinking..."sureeee, how many times will she tell us before she actually follows through!?" WELL GUESS WHAT...I am sooooo glad you asked! This is it!  I am the only one who has the ability to change my life, and I am taking back control.

I am also starting the Advocare Cleanse for the 3rd time ( 3rd times a charm right?) I am starting it on Oct 28th!  What are you favorite clean recipes?

***Side note, although this picture shows citrus I will be doing the peaches and cream like the first round...the citrus shit is NASTAY! even mixed in with OJ....you are plain bat shit crazy if you think that shit is drinkable/edible. BLECK!

Will you join me in this crusade against my food demons?!

I am hoping to be released in the next couple weeks from my accident ( RIDONCULOUS that it has gone on this long). Once I am released its back to running- I am not giving up on my 12 races just yet...I have a LOT of making up to do, and if I have to do my own 5k's then so be it! Maybe I can even get some of my lovely bloggers to do some virtuals with me :) (Mel, Sammi, Holly, Lori and anyone else who wants to add in on some support...a girl can use all she can get!)

If you are reading this, I want to thank you for not giving up on me.  Sometimes you have to take a break from what you love so you can remember why it is you fell in love with it.  For me, that is blogging. This post is so motivating and therapeutic for me.  I don't even care if anyone reads this.

Look for some updating posts in the next few days.  Customer support week was LAST week and it was AMAZEBALLS, I also have a few recipes to share :)

much love!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"They say its your birthday.......it's my birthday too"

If you can name what movie the title of this post is from we can be best friends...if not...you are missing out on one of THE best movies of all time!

Well I have been holding out long enough for my birthday post....I fear I may have built it up to be more exciting than it was.

First things first....I turned 27 last Thursday, making me a week older....and this is the WORST week I have had with food in over a decade.

I am talking pizza, Chinese, fast food, Pepsi, CANDY, starchy breads, processed foods...did I mention Candy?

Guess what...you will be SHOCKED...I feel like complete SHIT!....I went to the grocery store tonight and I bought a bunch of produce and I WILL stick to my menu plan I made for the rest of this week/weekend/next week.

I plan on getting back to JUST eating what I bring in my lunch..no running to Arby's (even if it is a salad) or Jimmy John's....I am not leaving work for lunch unless it is to run a non food errand.

I am waisting money AND my time!  I am going to start running 2 weeks from Monday...I wanted to start Monday BUT I haven't been released yet ( this accident is a BIGGER pain in my ass than I ever thought possible!)

I will however start back walking next week ( Yeah that's right this girl hasn't been doing shit for exercise OR watching food intake...well I take that back I have been watching it go right in my pie hole....however BONUS- I have been conscious of the calories I have been taking in....I think that in itself is a Non Scale Victory)

I will be making out our menus on Tuesday Nights (Grocery day is Wednesday).

NOWWWW on to what you all have been waiting for my birthday extravaganza!

Thursday night- my actual birthday

I made treats (the cupcakes below) for Saturday night and took some in for the girls at work in my training class, PLUS my trainer brought us all ice cream treats for my birthday....have I mentioned how much I love my job :).

That night my mama took J and I out to eat.  We tried out the new restaurant across the river and it was pretty dang good..plus bonus...we may have found our rehearsal dinner venue...woot woot!

When we got home J gave me my present (which I thought I wasn't getting b/c of the wedding).

He got me a pretty vase and yummy smelling potpourri and the grinder attachment ( which also grates cheese)....I laughed because we just registered for this and he was with me...plus I figured he must not want me to lose any more knuckles......a few weeks ago I was grating cheese and can I just say....DO NOT grate cheese when you are tired and its late....definitely have never cut myself that deep...if it  hadn't been on my knuckle I would have gone to get stitches! So needles to say the man has his own way of being romantic, but I wouldn't trade him for the world!

Friday....I feel like I canned my night away ......my bff and another close friend came over and helped me prep the veggies ....and thank the good Lord for that because I was already up until midnight WITH their help.....I got 7 more quarts of salsa for this winter thought which makes me super happy :)

Saturday morning I got up super early ( bed at 3am up at 7am) I had to CLEANNNN....my mama came over and helped me prepare....and by prepare I mean she kept me from losing my shit!

Of course while I was working my butt off inside...miss Tikka decided she was hot and needed some pool time.......talk about spoiled dogs!

I am what you would call a type A personality...yeahhhhh perfectionism just doesn't mesh with dinner party....you want everything to be PERFECT....and it rarely is...but it turned out great.

I legit put on7 outfits before I was satisfied ( one of those fat girl days) and when I finally felt comfortable in something...I'll be damned if I didn't spill melted butter on my dress as well as smudge cream cheese on it.  SUPER....after enough wine I forgot...and all was well in my world!

We had a great turn out and enough food to feed the 1st Army. (note we had so much food that it nearly collapsed our table....no JOKE!...I about lost it! J saved the day again)

I was able to enjoy some much needed time with my girls ( who I love dearly), got to catch up with some other great friends and just relax!

J's family was also there, and it is weird to call them his family because really they are mine too!

Our nephew is one of my favorite kids on the planet! He is THE funniest kid I know, and I love him dearly...so of course we had to snap a pic eating lemons.....(side note....this picture ALONE is enough to make me want to run 8000000000000 miles tomorrow)

Everything was perfect, and J, I swear is a saint for being able to deal with my bat shit crazy moments!

Sunday was spent RELAXING...I literally washed a few dishes and did A load of laundry, otherwise I ate, slept/watched movies and browsed my new cookbook (from my bestie) and it was AMAZEBALLS!

Tikka was pretty pooped herself....Mommy is going to be in trouble for letting this cat out of the bag ;)....baby girl is not supposed to be on the furniture...do you think I could win this by saying TECHNICALLY she wasn't ON the furniture..she was on me?

By the end of the night both babies were pooped!

I had one of the best birthdays I have ever had and got to spend it with my amazing family and friends! I couldn't feel more blessed!
 P.S. It is actually COLD outside here..FINALLY! This girl is SOOOOO Happy for hoodies this weekend! 
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