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Monday, January 28, 2013

Skinny Enchilada Pasta...say what!?

So as I have mentioned before dinner time at our house can be somewhat stressful, discouraging because Mr. J is pickier than picky when it comes to adding vegetables into the picture. So I try to work with what he does like, and sometimes have to add extra veggies to my stuff....hence discouraging. So I of COURSE was on Pinterest, and came across this lovely recipe for Enchilada Casserole.  Well me being the impatient child of God that I am, I wanted it faster and lighter. So that's what I did, and so I give you the creation of skinny enchilada pasta skillet- I need to work on the name...that's a mouthful. I have discovered a new found love for trying to make things as light and healthy as I can. Let me tell you if I could do this all day everyday I would! :) So here is my Mr. J approved skinny pasta-still not quite there...maybe skinny enchipasta?..umm no that doesn't work either..well I guess you are stuck with the mouthful, which may be a pun on words if you enjoy this as much as we did ;)

Skinny Enchilada Skillet (I GOT IT!)

1 lb ground beef (or deer meat)
1 can enchilada sauce (or 10 oz of homemade)*
1/4 c of Non fat Greek Yogurt
3 oz fat free cream cheese
4 oz green chiles
1/2 can of black beans
dried cilantro to taste
9 oz of macaroni (or any small pasta)**
1 cup reduced fat shredded cheese
 Taco Sauce

Start by cooking the ground beef in a large skillet, cook how you normally would-be sure to drain off as much grease as possible
 In a separate pan bring water to a boil to slightly cook your macaroni-do NOT cook fully
Once your ground beef is cooked add in your enchilada sauce, black beans, green chiles and let simmer for 10 minutes
Add in your cream cheese, and melt completely, then add in your Greek yogurt
drain your macaroni and pour into skillet let simmer again for about 10 minutes mix in your shredded cheese and serve
Top with taco sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, etc

*I will share my recipe for this soon
**I use dreamfields as the carb count is lower and we don't care for the texture of the whole wheat

Serving: 1 cup 380 calories, 29 g protein, 17 carbs, 16g of fat, 2 g Fiber, 9 pp (WW)

Friday, January 18, 2013

the dreaded frenemy...the scale

Yeah I said frenemy...if you don't know this term well then you must not be an avid abc family fan such as myself. I'm cool like that and you should be way jealous! So....I don't know about some of you...but I'm kind of a scale-aholic....it is for reals an addiction I have...but I have decided to use it to my advantage. Today I had the dreaded "wellness" exam for the lovely but not so friendly insurance company. I sucked it up and did it..I wasn't quite ready for my Dr to see my "number" yet because well I've just started my journey and I'm not at the "number" I want. Now, with that said..I realize its not always about the numbers, but you have to start somewhere. After seeing my "number" at the Dr's office today, I have vowed to never EVER be at that number again. I have set my mini goals so that they are attainable, after all you don't want to set yourself up for failure, but if I reach my goals before hand, I will just create another one. I know I stated that the scale is my frenemy, but sometimes I really believe I am my own worst "frenemy". I'm sure some of you out there can relate. Well its time to stop, bare with me, this shit's about to get real! Asking ourselves to live up to models and celebrities on the covers of magazines is absolutely ridiculous...why you may ask...because they themselves can't live up to that garbage! Why do we do this to ourselves, to our daughters, friends, just women in general. Now I'm not saying that there aren't ppl out there women especially who don't look SMOKIN hot, but I can promise you they work their hiney's off! LITERALLY. So that is what I am going to do, no more excuses, no more food is my friend, guess what my aesics are my new friend, I am going to be my friend...because I'm awesome...just kidding..but seriously I kinda am, you should know me if you don't already. I digress, I'm sure for some of you that was painfully funny, others just painful. Give yourself and indulgence, and no I don't mean a gallon of ice cream in one sitting, but you could have a bowl of REGULAR ice cream, in its portion. I seriously want to buy those portion control kitchen tools I found on Amazon. When did we go from eating meals at home, that were home cooked, yummy, but still good for you? Oh yeah, when we all had to get jobs! Well guess what I  refuse to think that I can't work and be healthy AND eat damn good food. You can too, if that's a priority for you, if not, then why are you still here? you have got to be bored to tears (thanks for staying anyway) Ok, I'm done talking like a sailor for now, its not lady like but quite honestly I feel like letting myself get to this point was not very lady like of me either. So here's to actually sticking with the healthy lifestyle...for LIFE...I know I can do this and so can you, just give yourself real expectations. In a year I expect to be close if not at my goal weight. So grab your best frenemy and say BRING IT Bizatch, You are going DOWN! Thanks for stopping by and reading my two cents ;)
                                              XOXO, Lindsay

P.S.- If you have not checked out Kiki La'Rue, YOU absolutely POSITIVELY MUST, because her stuff is FABULOUS, and it comes in a hot pink package...seriously how can that not be amazing!?!? check out my Instagram (@Lkoresko5) I always post my fabulous items!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cheesy gooey goodness

So as promised I told you facebook followers I would post my au gratin potatoes- now for all you women out there with meat and potato men...this is not a recipe to pass up! SHhhh..they don't have to know whats in it...my J cringes at the word "healthy"...and if its green you better believe he won't touch it. So now on to my yummy potatoes...seriously they are a gift from God...they are so delicious Of course anyone can make a basic cheese sauce by making a roux ( flour and liquid first).

Onto other news- so yesterday was one of those AWFUL days where you just want to eat garbage and NOT work out...but low and behold I didn't eat awful and I did get a work out in even if some wouldn't view it that way. I asked for JustDance 4 for the Wii for Christmas and of course my man got it for me...love him...so I did that for 45 minutes last night..and let me tell you HOLY Sweat! I couldn't believe how much I was sweating when I was done. Plus Im pretty sure I looked Amazeballs dancing-insert laughs here. I know I have rhythm but I swear that game makes me look ridonculous, but I don't care I was having a ball and I put the dog in the bedroom so as to not get humped (apparantly Just Dance is a mating ritual for Dogs...who knew?).

So to push on my fellow weight losers, healthy eaters, excercise nuts, run-aholics,etc I encourage you to all try new ways of excercising as I think this is the way to not get bored or give up...seriously can NOT wait for this cold weather to leave this biz-atch I am tired of achy joints and I want to run outside dang it! Ok ok I will "shush my lips" and let  you get onto some potato goodness.

So here's my "famous" au gratin potatoes ENJOY! ( and they are healthy :))

Skinny Au Gratin Potatoes

6 med Potatoes (next time I will use Red, I used white)
1/2 c Non Fat Greek Yogurt
1 8oz bag of cheddar cheese ( I don't reccomend using light it doesn't melt right and it loses flavor)
1 container of French Fried Onion
1tbsp butter
1 tbsp White Whole Wheat Flour
2 cups Almond Unsweetened Milk ( could use skim, but will change the calories)
garlic salt
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400
Scrub and peel potatoes (if white)-don't peel just yet they will turn brown
In a med saucepan melt your butter, add in tbsp flour and whisk
add a tsp or dash of salt
slowly whisk in milk- be very careful in doing this- if you go too fast you will have clumps
let come to a boil so that it thickens bring off the heat
add in your cheese and stir with a spoon-don't use the whisk ;)
slice your potatoes and put half in A GREASED 9x13
sprinkle with salt and pepper
put half the FF onions over potatoes; cover with half the cheese sauce
repeat but save the FF onions- these will go on when theres about 15 min left of baking
Put into oven and bake for 1 hour...let cool for 15 min
ENJOY!!! Please let me know if your men love this as much as mine does...seriously its a "bragger"recipe!
slice the potatoes in even slices (the thinner the potato the faster it cooks, and the larger your dish)

serving size is 1/12 at 223 calories-slightly high but if you want you can cut out the FF onions, but Why on God's green earth would you want to do a thing like that?! plus this is rich enough that I had half of that serving with grilled veggies and 3 oz steak :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Letter to me...

So the idea of writing a letter to myself in the past has intrigued me since Brad Paisley came out with his song "Letter to Me". It has always been one of those things I think about but never actually do because, we'll what's the point, unless you know Michael J. fox and can get a hold of  the Delorean time  machine, in which case please lemme know that's bad ass! Anyway...so I came across this blog today which you should check out here she has a great story! So here goes my letter to me in my teens. Caution this may get deep, but I feel like I owe it to myself to write this!

Dear 14 year old Lindsay,
This year will be a true test to your strength, but know that you can and will get through these moments that are truly hard for an adult to deal with but you are dealing with them so give yourself a pat on the back! I know it seems like your world has just collapsed from underneath you but please don't blame yourself for what has happened...and further please don't be mad at Dad...he didn't choose to leave, he never wanted that. I am not going to tell you it will be easy but I can tell you it will be worth it. Jr high sucks, and high school sucks less-but  Don't give up on life or yourself. By senior year you will wish you had done more partying or any for that matter, and by freshman year in college you will have REALLY wished you had partied in high school, however you didn't and trust me you will get it all out in College- re think this plan but still enjoy every second of every day because soon enough you will be in the real world and you will have a job you have to get up for- so even if you don't enjoy it suck it up because its still money in the bank. You will have a lot of struggles to deal with down the road...but PLEASE DEAL with them, don't ignore them or try to find a comfort to fix them...JUST DEAL! I promise if you can DEAL with them NOW then your life will have a lot less heartache. On to things that are important to you now, I know you find comfort in food, but please don't use it as your crutch, because it will be used as just that forever- bad day- comfort food-;stressed- comfort food..aka JUNK- feel fat- comfort food. I could go on and on and on. Don't do that to yourself, you deserve much better, instead find a hobby- like exercising- I know it sounds dreadful, but find something you enjoy like dancing and go with it, the rest will come more natural after your body is used to all the work its supposed to have. I can promise you that boys are NOT as big of a deal as they seem. I promise you this- the wait is worth it! Waiting for someone who truly cares and respects you is far better than dating someone and wasting your first kiss on a jerk. Everyone makes mistakes- so let your mistakes be just that don't beat yourself up over everything you think you did wrong. As the years continue to fly you will start to find yourself wondering "What happened to me"...well you know when you hear people talk about that fork in the road? Well it doesn't matter what fork you take- YOU are the designer of how you want that road to look whether it be positive or negative whether you strive for excellence or you don't- Choose the road less traveled, find what really makes you happy and hold on to it. Know that there is WAY more to life than what brand of jeans you have or what brand of purse you own. I say if you can afford it then go for it, but don't kill yourself striving to hit that "status" that no one can truly live up to. Those things won't make you happy in the end, what will make you happy is loving yourself despite your flaws, and knowing that you have surrounded yourself with the best friends that have become family, family who have become friends, and a man so wonderful that he truly lives up to being both family and your best friend. Anything is possible in life if you believe in it enough and believe in your strength to do it. Don't lose sight of the dreams that you have, but learn to let God be in the driver seat, as we all know that He knows best! :)

So I leave you with this last piece of wisdom- Please don't EVER EVER EVER get the mango Habenjero sauce on your chicken salad at BWW's...did I say EVER!?!?!? I'm NOT KIDDING- don't even be tempted- your whole mouth with be ashes from burning the life out of you! And lets not even go there  with what will happen when it tries to leave your body- seriously..Just don't do it!!!

Love, Me

If you all made it to the end of this...seriously BLESS YOU...for not buggin (yes I said buggin- I had a flashback to Clueless while writing this) out before my letter to me was over. I encourage you all to do this- if you do please let me know how it goes, I realize this is very personal but sometimes to keep yourself going you have to put it all out there! I hope to write my 26 year old self a letter in 10 years.

                                                       XOXO, Lindsay

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here's a Tip....

So I wasn't planning on blogging today BUT I just can't help myself! I had a great start to my morning, scale went down..BOOM...ANNNDDD I am with the greatest Man I have ever known. Lord that man loves me...who else would offer their own money to help encourage their partner. Yeah ladies I may not have a ring..but he is ALLLL MINE!!! :) So here's my tip...I was on pinterest..shocking I know...and I came across a "tip jar" for workouts...and thought you know what I am definitely gung ho about making myself healthier and STRONGER, but I struggle with the work outs...who doesn't in the beginning. The weather isn't cooperating for me to run outside..enter super "graceful" me....so I am forced to the gym..and lets face it...when you are the "fat" girl..you KNOW what everyone is thinking at the gym- "Lord I can't wait for these fat people to get over their...gulp..."resolution"..still hate that word by the way. So what is my tip you ask? Well I decided to try this "tip jar" idea and for every workout I complete I give myself 1 dollar. So I of course didn't have cash this morning..does anyone still carry cash? So I put a yellow sticky note in the jar- for those that know me you know that that was painful as I LOVEEEE my sticky notes :) As I am making my yummy Mexican breakfast pizza J asks me "what the heck is this?" I turn and say oh that's my "tip jar", I tell him what it is and that man says to me...I'll do you one better, I'll match you dollar for dollar. I looked at him and wanted to cry. How did I ever get so lucky? Of course he knows me and immediately says "no I don't think you are fat, I want to help you". Again I say Lord I love that man, how lucky can one girl be? Well today among other days, I am definitely the luckiest! Ever hear of Ben Folds? NO?!?! Well you should check him out and find the song "The Luckiest" its gorgeous and totally how I feel today! :) So anyway since I am here I might as well share with you the yummy "skinny" Doritos casserole I made last night that was so delicious Mr. J went back for seconds- ladies who have picky children and picky husbands- this is hands down a keeper. I of course got it from Mama Laughlin's blog- if you have not checked her out..you must..she is hilarious and a quite inspiring woman! So here goes my take on this delicious Doritos's bake-I promise I will get better about pictures in the future! :)

Skinny Dorrito Bake

1 can of Red Fat Crescent Rolls
1 can of Rotel
1 can of Green Chili's
1 cup of black beans
1 lb of lean burger
taco seasoning
1 cup reduced fat cheese
6 oz of Fat Free Greek Yogurt
1/2 bag of baked Doritos- Nacho Cheese

Preheat oven to 350
Brown the burger, drain off as much grease as possible
pour in your taco seasoning with the water, let simmer
then add in your black beans, green chili's, and the can of Rotel
Let whole pan simmer for about 10 minutes
Press your crescent into a 9x13 greased dish ( I use Coconut Oil Spray)
Pour your meat mixture over the crescent rolls
Top with your Greek yogurt and smear it across the dish
Sprinkle your cheese on top followed by crushed Doritos
Bake for about 1 hour or until everything is bubbling
Let sit for 15-20 minutes then serve
Serving size is 1/8th of the pan and comes in at 365 calories- and its a huge piece!


                                                                   xoxo Lindsay

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New ME! yeah I meant to say ME

Well its officially 2013 and has been for 2 days...I am over the "new years day funk" that happens every year b/c you eat crap on and drink a ton..well I do...but I am responsible about it. We had some great friends over visiting from South Dakota....ahhh how I long to be there...like now...nothing but drinking wine..and four wheeling...and if you have not had wine from South Dakota...well you should...at least the winerys near Custer...they are the bomb! Opened past 5pm...that's how they roll...unlike stupid winerys here that close at 5 on a Saturday...really...I get that not all winery fanatics are alcoholics but seriously we are not all over 65 either...I like to drink wine after dark too ;)..anyway enough about my rant for Winerys.

P.S. if you have never played Battle of the Sexes...YOU TOTALLY SHOULD..its HILARIOUS!

As the last week has gone by I have slowly started feeling more gross every time I look in the mirror. I get that some of you readers may be thinking wow..way to be insecure on the web...but you know what I DO NOT CARE...I had a cry fest this morning with the bf because of it and I decided enough is ENOUGH. I am tired of being tired, I am tired of hating how I look..thin or not...does not matter in my book b/c my brain will always see a "fat girl". Now the question is how do you change this...ahhh I am so glad you asked grasshopper! I am determined that THIS is my year...yes the year 2013 is the beginning of never looking back on "fat" days. Now I know what you are thinking..."she will without a doubt have bad days" to that I say..you are absolutely correct...who doesn't have bad days? I am unaware of any one person who is perfect. There is only one being who is "perfect" and that is God...so if you are anti-christian here is my warning...I am a God loving fool and if you don't like it you should probably read no further, or do so with an open mind -please do the second! :) I am not a bible thumper by any means but I am determined to let God lead my way to happiness. I am doing the grunt work, but alas have decided to let him lead the way. I know I can not make it through this hard journey without him. So from here on out I am vowing to stick to my healthy lifestyle, to make it to the gym, to run outside- once winter goes AWAY, to make not only myself but others around me inspired by my actions. I know I got this...and I will continue until I reach my HUGE goal. I have set mini goals but that is so I don't get discouraged. WHEN I reach my goal I will post before and afters...but not until I reach them as I am still at the point of disgust....enter slap on wrist. I will truly try not to beat myself up emotionally-I am the best at it, after all I have 26 years experience. So to any of you who have struggled with weight your whole life like I have...welcome to my Journey. I can't wait to try out one of many recipes tonight to help me fight through this journey until I see that finish line- so here are a list of my first goals to keep myself in check
1.Menu planning to healthier meals
2. Go to gym regularly (3-4 x a week)
3. Couch to 5K- I will see a REAL finish line in my near future!

What are your goals- I hate the term "resolution" as if its something you have just discovered or is brand new...we all know that January is a time for everyone to "get fit"- the fact is resolutions usually fail....so if I use goals it makes it seem like any other time of year! So what are your goals?
                                                    xoxo - Lindsay

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