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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cheesy gooey goodness

So as promised I told you facebook followers I would post my au gratin potatoes- now for all you women out there with meat and potato men...this is not a recipe to pass up! SHhhh..they don't have to know whats in it...my J cringes at the word "healthy"...and if its green you better believe he won't touch it. So now on to my yummy potatoes...seriously they are a gift from God...they are so delicious Of course anyone can make a basic cheese sauce by making a roux ( flour and liquid first).

Onto other news- so yesterday was one of those AWFUL days where you just want to eat garbage and NOT work out...but low and behold I didn't eat awful and I did get a work out in even if some wouldn't view it that way. I asked for JustDance 4 for the Wii for Christmas and of course my man got it for me...love him...so I did that for 45 minutes last night..and let me tell you HOLY Sweat! I couldn't believe how much I was sweating when I was done. Plus Im pretty sure I looked Amazeballs dancing-insert laughs here. I know I have rhythm but I swear that game makes me look ridonculous, but I don't care I was having a ball and I put the dog in the bedroom so as to not get humped (apparantly Just Dance is a mating ritual for Dogs...who knew?).

So to push on my fellow weight losers, healthy eaters, excercise nuts, run-aholics,etc I encourage you to all try new ways of excercising as I think this is the way to not get bored or give up...seriously can NOT wait for this cold weather to leave this biz-atch I am tired of achy joints and I want to run outside dang it! Ok ok I will "shush my lips" and let  you get onto some potato goodness.

So here's my "famous" au gratin potatoes ENJOY! ( and they are healthy :))

Skinny Au Gratin Potatoes

6 med Potatoes (next time I will use Red, I used white)
1/2 c Non Fat Greek Yogurt
1 8oz bag of cheddar cheese ( I don't reccomend using light it doesn't melt right and it loses flavor)
1 container of French Fried Onion
1tbsp butter
1 tbsp White Whole Wheat Flour
2 cups Almond Unsweetened Milk ( could use skim, but will change the calories)
garlic salt
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400
Scrub and peel potatoes (if white)-don't peel just yet they will turn brown
In a med saucepan melt your butter, add in tbsp flour and whisk
add a tsp or dash of salt
slowly whisk in milk- be very careful in doing this- if you go too fast you will have clumps
let come to a boil so that it thickens bring off the heat
add in your cheese and stir with a spoon-don't use the whisk ;)
slice your potatoes and put half in A GREASED 9x13
sprinkle with salt and pepper
put half the FF onions over potatoes; cover with half the cheese sauce
repeat but save the FF onions- these will go on when theres about 15 min left of baking
Put into oven and bake for 1 hour...let cool for 15 min
ENJOY!!! Please let me know if your men love this as much as mine does...seriously its a "bragger"recipe!
slice the potatoes in even slices (the thinner the potato the faster it cooks, and the larger your dish)

serving size is 1/12 at 223 calories-slightly high but if you want you can cut out the FF onions, but Why on God's green earth would you want to do a thing like that?! plus this is rich enough that I had half of that serving with grilled veggies and 3 oz steak :)

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