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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New ME! yeah I meant to say ME

Well its officially 2013 and has been for 2 days...I am over the "new years day funk" that happens every year b/c you eat crap on and drink a ton..well I do...but I am responsible about it. We had some great friends over visiting from South Dakota....ahhh how I long to be there...like now...nothing but drinking wine..and four wheeling...and if you have not had wine from South Dakota...well you should...at least the winerys near Custer...they are the bomb! Opened past 5pm...that's how they roll...unlike stupid winerys here that close at 5 on a Saturday...really...I get that not all winery fanatics are alcoholics but seriously we are not all over 65 either...I like to drink wine after dark too ;)..anyway enough about my rant for Winerys.

P.S. if you have never played Battle of the Sexes...YOU TOTALLY SHOULD..its HILARIOUS!

As the last week has gone by I have slowly started feeling more gross every time I look in the mirror. I get that some of you readers may be thinking wow..way to be insecure on the web...but you know what I DO NOT CARE...I had a cry fest this morning with the bf because of it and I decided enough is ENOUGH. I am tired of being tired, I am tired of hating how I look..thin or not...does not matter in my book b/c my brain will always see a "fat girl". Now the question is how do you change this...ahhh I am so glad you asked grasshopper! I am determined that THIS is my year...yes the year 2013 is the beginning of never looking back on "fat" days. Now I know what you are thinking..."she will without a doubt have bad days" to that I say..you are absolutely correct...who doesn't have bad days? I am unaware of any one person who is perfect. There is only one being who is "perfect" and that is God...so if you are anti-christian here is my warning...I am a God loving fool and if you don't like it you should probably read no further, or do so with an open mind -please do the second! :) I am not a bible thumper by any means but I am determined to let God lead my way to happiness. I am doing the grunt work, but alas have decided to let him lead the way. I know I can not make it through this hard journey without him. So from here on out I am vowing to stick to my healthy lifestyle, to make it to the gym, to run outside- once winter goes AWAY, to make not only myself but others around me inspired by my actions. I know I got this...and I will continue until I reach my HUGE goal. I have set mini goals but that is so I don't get discouraged. WHEN I reach my goal I will post before and afters...but not until I reach them as I am still at the point of disgust....enter slap on wrist. I will truly try not to beat myself up emotionally-I am the best at it, after all I have 26 years experience. So to any of you who have struggled with weight your whole life like I have...welcome to my Journey. I can't wait to try out one of many recipes tonight to help me fight through this journey until I see that finish line- so here are a list of my first goals to keep myself in check
1.Menu planning to healthier meals
2. Go to gym regularly (3-4 x a week)
3. Couch to 5K- I will see a REAL finish line in my near future!

What are your goals- I hate the term "resolution" as if its something you have just discovered or is brand new...we all know that January is a time for everyone to "get fit"- the fact is resolutions usually fail....so if I use goals it makes it seem like any other time of year! So what are your goals?
                                                    xoxo - Lindsay

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