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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Never Sit Still

So I normally don't talk about my job on here, and for good reason.

However I did want to share with you how awesome my job is and how jealous you should be! :)

So National Customer Service week happens every year.  However I have never heard of a company doing what my employer does.

They take that week and up the anti!  I felt like I was in high school again for homecoming spirit week...IT WAS AWESOME!

The theme for it was "Think Service"...so my job took that and then tied in "Keep calm Party On".

All over the office they had "Keep calm" sayings.  This was my original favorite....

but then I found one that said "Keep calm (with a heart monitor screen).....ok wait not that calm (the heart went flat)....it was hilarious and its hanging at my desk now.

We had themed days as I mentioned before and these were my 2 "Go all out" days.

"Hunt for a resolution"- Camo day

"Show your shine"-Neon,glitter,sequins

I won this day...not the camo day, I am still convinced it was rigged! Maybe I was too camo'ed out...they couldn't see me ;)

Each day they had a special treat and a present for us....ummm yes I love presents!

The last day (Friday) we got nice sweatshirts and then the last few hours of the day they took us somewhere annnnnd wait for it......yeah I got to have a few drinks! BOOM! My job is better than yours!!

It may be a job that drives me crazy days, but I love it!

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