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Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend recap- lots of funnnnn wedding stuff

HOLD THE PHONE....I actually have done my 2nd post in a row since I started my new job...in blogging terms...light years!

So my weekend was quite spectacular....lets start at the beginning.

Friday night, I got to hang out with some of my favorite ladies! I have known these girls since I was itty bitty and I love that we are all still close!

My intentions Friday were to go eat pizza at Happy Joe's with them and our boys and then come home and finish signs for Sunday (sneak peak to come).

Well as per usual my plans never work out as I PLAN.....but its always so much better that way.

J was having fun with their boys so of course that meant I really wanted to stay! :)

Most of them are hunters as well so of course he was eating up the fact that they were all with us instead of in a tree stand.....I say count your dang blessings!

We ended up going to the martini bar in my hometown...can I just say that it is super cute and if I could transplant it somewhere else I totes would....but there is just something about going "home" when it doesn't feel like "home" anymore.  The good thing was most of us were on the same page :)

I will not be wearing this sweater anymore...it makes me look so oddly shaped...wth lol :)

I can't believe how late we stayed out, but it was worth it.

Saturday morning I got up fairly early so we could go meet with a new florist.

I went with my mama and my future MIL, and we had quite the day.  Loved what we heard at the florist and I hope my vision comes out in their flowers!

After that 2 hour task we stopped for lunch...and this is when I realized that I am truly getting OLD andddd my body HATES me!

Saturdays will be my "free days" on my carb cycling and I knew I wanted to just not think about food so I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap and fries.....and BOY OH BOY did I pay for it....MISERY set in and I barely wanted supper.

We went to a few other stops, and then I had to go get my ring all purdied up :).  It was SOOOO sparkly when I left :)

I stopped to get Chinese ( why not finish myself off with more grease) I ate about half and threw the rest out. (Go ME)

I then needed to finish my signs (which my future in laws assisted with :))- have I mentioned how lucky I am?!?!

The signs were finished and I was in bed at midnight.....

Sunday morning came SUPER DE DUPER fast! I was up at 7 to get ready for ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!! I was nervous/excited/angry with myself/but mostly excited!

I  wanted to have lost about 30 lbs before these pictures and THAT did NOT happen!

However, I did feel pretty in the outfits I chose which is a bonus!

My MOH came over ( bless her heart) and helped me get ready! :) I wouldn't have looked nearly as cute without her!

I can't wait to share all the photos with you!

Starting the carb cycling did not go so well Sunday and I felt like a HUGE failure...but today I woke up and KNEW that I had to get this shit GOING!

Thankfully I was way prepared and made my lunch Sunday night!  Tomorrow I will share ALLL about my LOW carb Day one and how I DIDN'T CHEAT ONCE and I wasn't even really hungry through out the day! :)

One last food for thought, and of course I HAVE to mention my FAVE boutique owner Becka...over at KLR....I saw this today posted on Dave Ramsey's fb page and I fell in love! Becka is the first person I thought of and of course it made me think twice about my actions today!

How was your weekend!?

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