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Monday, October 28, 2013

Weddings, Road trips, and cleanses OH MY!

Well that weekend went by WAY too fast for me! I am still exhausted today....in fact I'm not entirely sure I am awake right now......super safe since I just made dinner...I hope its as good as it looks :)

This past weekend one of my very first friends I made in college got married.  Its so weird to think we have only known each other for less than 10 years.

I am so very blessed because not only do I still have all my girls from when I was a kid, but I also have a new set of girls that I love just as much from college.

I was reunited with my college faves and it was one hell of a weekend!  She did everything herself...and by everything..I mean EVERYTHING girlfriend made her flowers!

She was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen....I seriously have big shoes to fill!

I was her personal attendant and she was so sweet to let the wedding party bring "spouses". So J got to come too....I'm not gonna lie that was probably my favorite part of the night.

I don't know what is going on with my body anymore but I seriously can't eat a ton of greasy fatty junk because I feel like shitake mushrooms the rest of the night.  On top of my super migraine that decided to stay for 2 weeks!

I love J more and more after each time he does something for me when I know he'd rather be doing something else ( hunting...this is HUGE folks).....umm I was a bad fiancé and didn't know that the ceremony/reception were being held on a hunting preserve.....oops!

I struggled with my carb cycling last week.....the carb days mess me up....weird right? I forget to eat them!

I am focusing on the cleanse and eating clean the next 10 days and then when that's over back to carb cycling..I know I am setting myself up for failure if I try to dominate both at the same time....just starting the carb cycling.

Today was day 1 of the advocare cleanse...attempt numero tres!  I WILL NOT waste my money this time! I want to get a good "re-set" in so that my carb cycling can do its thang!

Breakfast was perfect, minus I meant to get up earlier....stupid tiredness!

There were a few rough patches today where I thought about cheating....number 1 LUNCH- I was too lazy to make lunch last night because I was freaking exhausted from our 5.5 hour drive home with 5 hours of sleep.

Excuses Excuses....I did however plan my meals out last night and put them into myfitnesspal....does this help anyone else? I do WAY better when I log the night before...I don't have to guess what I am going to eat.

I planned to go to Subway for a double chicken chopped salad with a vinaigrette dressing.....as I left work I really REALLY wanted McDonald's....gross right?!  Well I held strong...I got my salad from Subway- now if I can just teach them NOT to mix warm meat into the lettuce mix when I am taking it to go...slimy lettuce isn't really my thang!

I really struggled this afternoon....I was STARVING!  I had half of a mini bag of popcorn...it could have been MUCH worse!

After work I wanted a cheeseburger SO BAD, but I refuse to give up on this cleanse on the first effing day no less! I will see 10 days straight of this B!

So instead of a greasy fatty cheeseburger...I made burrito bowls with guacamole...mmmm I love guacamole!

Tomorrow will be better! I have better options for meals!

On a happy/creepy note...I found this pic posted on Pretty Little Liars Fb page...lets just say if I had a baby girl...she would totes be this for Halloween!
Until tomorrow.....how was your weekend?!


  1. Love your hair and your necklace! Let me know how you like the cleanse!

  2. How's the cleanse going? Good luck to you! I couldn't even make it through a day! It's so hard!!


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