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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don't Stop Believin.....

So first of all You are welcome for getting some Journey stuck in your head! Everyone's day could use a little Journey!

So as I was trying to come up with a title for this post that song just kept popping in my head.

It occurred to me that that song relates to so many different aspects of life.  Whether its trying to find someone, searching for the "you" you are meant to be, struggling with life problems....it doesn't matter.  This song can give hope to any situation.

Ok maybe I read a little more into that song...but seriously anytime I feel bad and this song comes on I start singing and acting like im in their damn video!

I love the fact that it causes your brain to step back and say hey wait a minute YOU can do this!

There are people that have your back, even when you feel alone!

WELLL...on to what brought this up....I didn't post last night because I had a deep tissue massage....and when I left...well lets just say that I could have upchucked my entire day....I have an inner ear issue (like don't put me on a spinny ride unless you are prepared to see projectile vomit).

So let me just say that I "started" Sunday and didn't do well at all Sunday like I mentioned already, BUT I did OK yesterday ( I may have had McDonalds for lunch)...the guilt was terrible....I still feel like I failed myself.

However I redeemed myself for dinner and had a plain grilled pork chop, TONS of green beans and a spoonful of betty Crocker potatoes (80cal).

Today was even better....although I didn't so well with the no/low carbs ...I am not giving up on that just yet..BUT I did AMAZEBALLS today...

I totes forgot to put deodorant on this morning....and realized when I was almost to work and had 6 minutes to punch in...SUPER!

So let me just say THANK GOD it is freezing in our office.  I ran to wal mart on my lunch (across the street) and grabbed deodorant and began to wander....which is dangerous on pay day.

I walked down the chip isle about 3 times...but just kept thinking about the statement that Mama Laughlin put on her page today.....

    "YOU...yeah I am talking to you....you can do this...."

So I bought a pack of celery, carrots and broccoli with ranch instead of chips.

I just kept replaying that in my head...I will NOT let myself down AGAIN! I won't! I want to look SMOKIN on our honeymoon, and I WILL be ready!

I have made several goals per Chris Powell's new book....and it Definitely helps!

I did some grocery shopping after work so I have lunch and dinner options through Friday.

ANNNNDDDDD since I am always so jealous of everyone's grocery shopping extravaganza shots I needed my own! :)

Saturday morning one of my amazing friends from college ties the knot and I get to be apart of her special day! I will def share more about that Monday! ;)

Here is a real sneak peak at our engagement session!

Remember Don't Lose sight for what you want tomorrow for a piece of cake today!

And just because I love my baby girl so much, I thought I would share this...if you follow me on IG then you have seen this picture (Cowboybootsandanapron)

How can you not fall in love with this little one!?

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