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Monday, October 1, 2012

Time sure does fly...

What the heck happened to September?!...I can't believe its nearly  been a month since my last post...:( sorry to all of my avid readers ;)...well I think today is the perfect day to get myself back on course. I plan to run my first 5k in 4 weeks and I feel so unprepared!! I have struggled since my last vacation...which sadly was at the end of July to get back on course. After pants feeling snug this morning I decided today is as good a day as any to push myself. So of course I didn't have time to eat the breakfast that I wanted. :( However I will share with you my new favorite. I love pizza...ANY kind of pizza...well unless it has anchovies on it..in that case someone else can have my share. I don't know how anyone couldn't like pizza though, whats not to love...cheese...crust..yummy sauce...did I say cheese? My newest pizza has been a breakfast pizza. I have made it as healthy as possible while tasting AMAZING! The best part...you can NOT mess this up!!! You can literally make pizza out of anything you have on hand...yes seriously you can! :) So here goes:

Deliciously Healthy Breakfast Pizza

1 low carb whole wheat tortilla (around 50 calories)
1 wedge of laughing cow ( you pick the flavor)*
1 whole egg
1 egg white
Grilled veggies ( I used green pepper, mushroom, and onion- its what was leftover)
sprinkle of Reduced fat shreeded cheese (80 clalorie serving)
1 slice of  canadian bacon (round slice)- could use any meat or omit
dash of salt and pepper

Spray an 8" saute pan , or whatever pan you have handy- could make this for several people if wanted, throw in grilled veggies( or raw veggies), if raw cook slightly before adding eggs.
Add in your egg and egg white- you could scramble up first but i prefer stiring once in the pan throw your dash of salt and pepper in now
while mixture is cooking add in your meat to slightly heat.
 Spread your wedge onto you small tortilla, once egg mixture is done dump onto tortilla. sprinkle your shredded cheese over pizza.

You can now either heat up your pizza for 10 sec to melt cheese, or cover your pizza and take to work- I am usually running too late to eat at home :S but it works perfect as the cheese melts on the way :)

*I use the queso, sundried tomato and garlic and herb- but it really makes no difference.

What is your favorite way to make pizza? Could you eat pizza anytime of day!? :)

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