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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Workin on my fitness.....with a little Jane Fonda

Well, well, well...this week has just flown by for me! I am finishing out my last few days at my current job and I will have some free time before I start my new job!

I have been MIA trying to get things done so that the transition will be smooth for everyone!

on top of feeling icky....mother nature is a bisch

HA! Well, I have already been making my list....you know how much I love lists...of things that need to get done while I am off- better make use of my time ;)!

I have been writing out the Wedding "To DO" list as well...and holy moly I thought I was doing really good...uhhhh NOT! I still have A TONNNN to do!!

So I am trying not to think of what I have to do in the future few weeks and focus on today....and this weekend!

Tonight I am planning on going to pick up my packet for the Bix 7.

This is what I get to experience for the first time Saturday Morning at 8am.....I will probably cry several times through out...anybody else get emotional while working out? No? Just me huh?...well I don't care I know i am going to cry at some point...and probably multiple times during the race!!

For those of you not from the quad cities...this is a huge race and its alll HILLS!.......I do mean ALL hills..Up down up down up down...The blue is the course!....see what I mean!

I am so NOT prepared for this race...I have gotten away from running..not because I hate it or don't make time for it..but because I am trying to focus on just working out in general!

I was putting way too much on my plate...and I know I have talked about this but I am telling you now..if you have any doubts on whether or not you are trying to do to many "healthy" changes....STOP!

STOP what you are doing right now...you will get burnt out and and want to just quit because its too much!

At least that's how I felt!  Now I have evened out...I am eating right and working out 6-7 days a week on a regular basis!

I am back at it with Turbo Fire and I am loving it...its definitely a challenge for me, but that is good! You should be challenged!

Next on the list is the Pump Dvd's ...they have finally come out with the home version to Body Pump that Skinny Meg talks up all the time!  I am so excited for it!!

I know that i am doing something right when I went to the bachelorette shin dig last weekend ( 80's themed I might add) I knew what I weighed...I had to weigh in Monday morning..and I didn't gain an ounce.. I didn't lose either..but considering what I consumed..I did freakin AWESOME!!

So  when in doubt...SIMPLIFY!

Simplify everything you are doing, and build on that...why complicate something that has already been a challenge for you!

Why set yourself up for failure? DON'T!

I can't tell you how great I feel now that I have been consistent!  I def have to thank my BB coach...but really I did the work, I put in the effort! It's ok to pat yourself on the back when you deserve it!

My skin is clearer and I am happier!

Healthy works, if you work it the right way! You don't have to give up good foods and you don't have to eat diet garbage! I don't!!

I will post on the Bix Run Monday....I am sureeee it will be quite the post! :) If you don't hear from me I didn't make it ;) Just kidding.....or am I?

Until then Here is a little look into my crazy night last weekend...I am too old for this shiz anymore!

ANNNND here we go to the 80's!....LOVE IT!
check out those sweet nails....the blue is supposed to be black light...but of course we found NO black lights!
Love my girl!
This is where the party's at!
THANK the lord they had Busch Light...I don't do Ale's or any other high class beer Thank YOU!
the lovely bride to bed! :)

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