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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NEVER EVER give up on YOU...Bix 7 recap

Well that was quite the weekend...so much that I had to take one more day to recoup!

Can I just say prepare to be in a lot of pain if you don't train for a long distance run...especially one with ALL hills! :)

I was so nervous the day before I barely ate, I also didn't drink nearly enough water which I would soon find out the next day!

The morning of the race was down right COLD for July.

J came with me ( through no coercion of me... ;))

I was so grateful he drove because that meant that I didn't have to find a parking spot....this race had over 18,000 runners/walkers this year.

HOLY crap...that is a ton of people to be IN a race!

I met with my two besties before the race, but they were in a different heat than I was...the one in front of me was theirs.

They are seasoned runners and seasoned at this race so I was fine with not running with them.

I was told so many things before I did this race my head was literally spinning.

"Do the Bix at 6"- this was the practice runs every Thursday leading up to the race!

"don't do the bix at 6"

"start out running up Brady"

"Walk up the hills and run down the hills"

In the end I mixed a little of everything!  I did start out running and got about half way up before I needed to rest....walked a bit and then ran to the top.

Once I was at the top I slowed down....I was already extremely tired..annddd I had started to lose feeling in my hands and my face.....weirdest feeling EVER!

I got through mile 1 and thought "holy shit I have 6 of these bitches left?"

I walked up the hills and would run down them, only to get to the last hill before turning around....that hill was such a bitch!

I am talking think of the steepest incline possible and walk up it.....twice (on the way back!)

One of the hills seemed to last FOREVER...but I will say on my way back I was doing ok, and then mid way through that last upward hill I started to feel sick.

I thought I was going to pass out.

I wanted to stop...I wanted to give up.

I saw a medic cart drive by and wanted to scream "WAIT...you forgot ME!!!"

But something in my kept me from screaming, kept me from stopping!

What was it? Well one was my sweet blogger friend Mel, I have seriously never "met" such a sweet supportive woman.

I started crying when the race was over because I had noticed she dedicated her 10 miler that morning to me...ME!!! How awesome is that!?

Another aspect was J...I had guilted him into coming and then I was gonna give up....I would never hear the end of it!

The biggest thing though was myself. I could say that I had nothing to prove but that would be a huge freaking lie!

I had a lot to prove....to those who made fun of me growing up, to those who never thought I was pretty enough or good enough.

Mostly to prove to myself that I could do it...and that all those things said to me years and years ago were in fact just words....and although those words sting for many years after YOU are the sole decider on how many years that lasts.

I am pretty enough..I am good enough...damn it I deserve to be great!

I can't describe to you the feeling you get when you finish a big race like that and you see the finish line...typing this now is bringing back those emotions of fighting through pain and getting my ass across that line.

I am tearing up not because of sadness of my time not being fantastic, but of pure JOY...I Lindsay finished the Bix...did I run the whole thing? NO...did I walk most of it? ABSOLUTELY....did I train at all...UHHH stupidly NO....but I finished it.

The girl that 10 years ago said she hated running, it was stupid and I would NEVER be a runner.

Well my dears, never say never....you just don't know what might motivate you to kick some booty!

That last 1/2 mile for me was probably the hardest I have ever pushed myself...I wanted to puke, I was tired, I was freezing and everytime I would start to run towards that finish I would get a calf cramp...badd...so I'd have to walk a few steps then run....then repeat!

All I know is there is no way I could have or would have gone through without so much support.  I also know that there is no excuse for me to NOT follow through on something ever again.

The rest of the weekend was spent RELAXING....I got to spend some wonderful time with one of my besties who is also a bridesmaid and lives in Colorado.

Friends since grade school...going strong!

"OPEN YOUR EYES"....we still have one bar left!

This past weekend was exhausting yet quite possibly one of the best I have had in a LONG LONG time.

My boo <3

Finished the bix- Check
2 bridesmaids dresses down- check

Don't ever EVER give up on yourself...you never know what awesome task you will conquer!

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