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Sunday, August 25, 2013

New job +car accident = MIA Cowboybootsandanapron, but have no fear I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Well I feel like I have been a victim from one of the 800 missing shows.

Seriously I did NOT forget about all of my faithful readers.  I have been slightly MIA....ok SUPER MIA....I hope y'all weren't too sad ;)

In fact I am pretty sure your lives went on as per usual...while mine has seemed to take a 180.

I have a LOT of filling in to do....lets start with what completely took me off course.

I finished up at my old job and then had some time off before I started at my new job.

I know what you are thinking...."luckkkkkky"....well yes and NO....I being the good friend I am went to help my bff with her classroom (she's the cutest teacher EVAA)...ps...I LOVE doing crafty things so I helped with these two little fancies ( the popcorn bucket and the grass are the only things I actually made...the other stuff I staged! :))

I was there ALL day...and had a blast..but it was around 11pm when I left...lol...who cares though I didn't have to get up early....well when I was a block from my house...I got rear ended...not so cool.

I am not going to go into details..but I am ok...I just have severe whiplash.

Honestly not even that big of a deal minus the pain and inconvenience.....insert sarcasm.

I realize there are people way worse off than I am but it completely de-railed me...:(

I am completely to blame for this...I was instructed no running...(tear)...I was permitted to do light walking (based on pain)....well guess what I have NOT done shit!

I had fallen back into old habits...and when I say old..I MEAN habits I haven't done in like 3 years.

I may not be the weight I want but I also haven't gained more than my heaviest ever....not saying a lot but for the last year I have done well with being mindful of what I am putting into my mouth.

However 2 weeks ago I gave all of that up and ate whatever the hell I wanted. I had desserts ( very out of character), processed cheese dip, pizza multiple times in a week, fast food....I could feel myself on a downward spiral of no return.

However I caught myself and when I got on the scale I wanted to throat punch MYSELF!

Why did I let my emotions control me? Why couldn't I eat well without the working out?

Had I lost all faith in myself?....Was I really that dependent on working out to keep myself on track? (In case you are wondering the answer to that is NO!)

I had however let myself fall into the self pity trap.

My back hurt, my neck was sore...so why not eat comfort aka SHIT foods.  I mean really what could it hurt.....well it hurt myself....mainly my pride.

I am angry with myself more than anything. I was the one who let go of the control.

Well I have regained a morsel of control. I started my new job 2 weeks ago and I am loving it.

Its completely different than what I am used to but my nights are open as are my weekends which I LOVE!

I have centered back to the basics.

Counting Calories.

Reading Labels.

and Being Mindful of foods and why I am eating.

I want so badly to be the vision in my dress on the day of my wedding that I see in my head now.

Will I make it in time? Who knows but I am damn sure going to try.

Here are a few things I did to make my life a little easier for making good choices:

The fridge is probably my favorite....I bought organizing containers and now my fridge is very inviting to healthy choices!

This is helping me make good choices because I remember how it feels to feel pretty and not worry about how I look to others in something..I felt the best I have felt in a long time on this day!

This may not be an obvious choice for healthy options but I canned these myself so I know exactly what is in the salsa and how the banana peppers are canned and I can't wait to use them on salads and sandwiches!

As for this little blog, I have truly missed writing.  I let it go for awhile A. because I couldn't sit in a chair for a week and a half, and B. because my life was so jumbled with the new job and losing control that I needed a breather.

I am still working on a schedule to make myself more regular at this but if it means writing 4 posts on a Sunday to post during the week than I will make it work!  I do know that my exercise....whenever I get released (hopefully soon) will be my top priority.

I have been pretty bummed that I have had to miss out on races I had planned.  I am still going to try and make my 12 races done.  I know its possible if I am released in the next few weeks but I don't know how realistic that is.

I hope this didn't come out as too "negative Nancy and more just a fill in on where I have been!  I promise that I will be posting recipes soon!

Recipes to come:

Canned Salsa
Canned Stewed Tomatoes
Tortilla roll ups (skinny)
Stuffed Banana Peppers( hopefully)

I promise it won't be another 5000 weeks before I write again! Is anyone else as excited as I am for Fall? Soups, football, hoodies and bonfires? Its like that time of year was made just for me! :)                                      

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