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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So What I'm still a Rock star.....just kidding.. link up much?

Well my Wednesday would not be complete without watching or talking about the Geico commercial at LEAST once today....sooooo:

Guess. What. Day . It .Is!?!?!   Hummmmpppppp Daaaaaaeeey!

Moving on, I decided that today I would do a link up because well I had a long day and I am struggling with what to come up with...so what better way to do a post than a "so what" link up with Life after I Dew.

So What Wednesday
So what if......
  • I had m&m's in my popcorn tonight
  • I was completely engrossed in a teenage girl show....yeah I totally watched Pretty Little Liars last night...and all I can say is Mind.....Blown
  • I haven't had my hair cut in months and its a tad dry
  • I will be 27 a week from tomorrow and I am planning my own birthday party.....I love myself what?! Doesn't errrybody throw themselves a party?....or at least buy yourself a gift?....yeah I do that too!
  • I haven't made dinner once this week- livin on leftovers people!
             *****Side note...I thawed out what I thought was Enchilada meat mix...turns out it was chilli....put it on a salad....pretty gosh darn tastey! (my chilli is veryyyyyy thick)
  • I have to drive the big man truck for a few months until I can get a car....know anyone looking for a fixer up car? send em my way! ;)
  • and finally I am absolutely LOVING this link up! Try it....say so what to a few things this week....its AMAZEBALLS!

And remember be as happy as a camel on Hump DAEEEEYYY and life will treat you well!

1 comment:

  1. Hump dayyyyy! Seriously though, Ezra?!?!??! Wth! I can't frickin wait til October I need to know nowww.


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