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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Giveaway anouncement what?

I contemplated even writing a post today because I am in a "mood", not bad, not great, its whatevs....BUTTTT then I logged in and I see I have 20 followers!??! OMG how did this happen... I mean I know that's not great for some because I have had my blog for almost a year, but this is HUGE to me!

On top of that I know that there are people who read it but don't "follow" and that's ok, I just hope y'all are reading because you think what I say is either A. funny as shit, B. profound,  C. HIGHLY intelligent or D because I keep it real...since B and C are pretty much out the WINDOW...I am hoping its either A or D, but it could be because you need entertainment and I am good person to laugh at!

Whatever your reasons are...I am glad you are here!! Back when I wrote this post...I said that if I got to 20 followers I would announce the "50 Follower" giveaway! So as promised I will be buying a gift card with my own money to any of the following places: Target, Starbucks or KLR (That is if Becka will let me) It won't be very much, because lets be real I am broke as a joke, but I want to tell you all how much you mean to me!!

So I will just tell you two things....1. I am sooooo excited to see that I hit 20 followers, and 2. I FINALLY have tomatoes in my garden....although these are the only ones so far I do NOT care...I have been DYING for some garden tomatoes!!! It's the little things folks!!

**Side note, I started writing this post this morning, and since then have gotten GRRRREEAT news...so my "mood" is forever gone!

Help spread the word by sharing this link to get me to 50 followers so you can enter my giveaway!

Will you win the giftcard?


  1. Tough call between Target and Starbucks but I'd probably hit that coffee joint. :)

  2. YAY How exciting for you! I know the joy of new blog followers as I only have 2! Well consider yourself one step closer I'm officially a new follower.


  3. I am so glad you started following b/c I love your name and seriously we could not be more similar :) that's the fun part about the blogging world :) Welcome to my blog, and now you have a new follower too :)


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