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Friday, August 10, 2012

What's in a Name?

An obvious statement would be to say that I am very new to this. Some of you may be wondering why I came up with the name that I did. I am guessing most of you won't because chances are if you are reading this you already know me :). However that being said I will still explain. Cowboy boots and an apron pretty much sums up my life....well you throw in some crafts and this is one happy girl. I mean really who doesn't love cowboy boots? I don't think I will ever have enough cowboy boots...well any shoes for that matter. I am a girly girl..i.e I hate bugs with a passion...but I love the country lifestyle so I deal with the yucky bugs. I live in a town so small it doesn't have a population sign...yes you read that right...we don't need one because we can just count our neighbors :). I love the idea of being able to see stars EVERY night..well almost everynight...these days we like when we can't, that means rain. :) The apron part...its funny I don't actually wear them while cooking but I do love them and my collection is growing. I actually wish somedays I could go back in time to have a cook off with my great grandmother. She was one of the top cooks in the county and boy could she make some mean fried chicken, or so I am told. Aprons signify to me a time when cooking was done from scratch, you knew every ingredient that was going in, and the proportion of what you were eating was the right size. So in short, Thanks for stopping by I hope I can give you some tips and maybe some easy recipes along my journey. I appreciate any and all feedback! Stay tuned for some Jalapeno Chicken...it was quite tasty! :)

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