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Friday, May 17, 2013

Hodge podge of a week and a puppy sneak peak!

Well, I am on Day 12 of the 14 day challenge and week 2 of 10 week, which means only 2 days left of 14 day challenge, HOWEVER, I definitely have not given this challenge the focus it deserves.

The problem..enter excuse one...was I signed up on Sunday and it started that Monday...did not leave ample room to get proper groceries. I did however manage to eat close to the same things. I haven't really done any of the dinners, and last week was much more successful than this week.

I will probably be doing this challenge over and doing it the RIGHT way!!

We got our Puppy on Saturday and this entire week has just been a pile of exhaustion. J works 3 plus farms PLUS does a part time deal during the day now...which means Mama takes care of most everything. All you single mama's out there...I give you props...I know you do it because you have to but I still think you deserve the props. This puppy has been exhausting and a huge eye opener for me.

I know that I want kids...like yesterday, but we get married in a year so hopefully 9 months from that we will have a kid...or twins..because I am next in line...on both sides of my family :).

I definitely took for granted my "me" time before puppy got here..and working 40 hours and making sure she doesn't piddle on the floor or worse...take a shit ( seriously I wonder how all of that fits in her body sometimes).

I digress...needless to say I haven't given 100% this week...I did however have a couple wins...I'm normally not a pop drinker and I hate coffee but I needed caffeine this week..so normally I would have drank Mt. Dew but I opted for Pepsi instead...those of you who are into the clean eating and natural foods will understand why this is huge...Mt dew is prob the worst pop you can drink along with a few others that have a nasty ingredient. Brominated Veg. Oil...look it up! So although I drank pop, I opted for one that may not be QUITE as damaging..at least that's what I tell myself ;)

Win number two came in yesterday when I went to a meeting...at the Y...where they served lunch...Arby's sandwich's...ruffles and brownies. I still don't quite get HOW the Y who promotes healthy families sees it as ok to serve junk at their meetings or allow employees to order in pizza while on shift....logic..non existent! I did not eat any of said food, instead went home and had a turkey sandwich on a wheat round with avocado and carrots/broccoli on the side. Pretty proud of that accomplishment, because I was starvin like marvin yo!

Sorry, my brain is a puddle of mush today so this post is a little all over the place! You're welcome! So just for sticking around here is a little peak at my new baby!! I will do a post on her soon! :)
pretty baby girl...Teika Pistol Annie

This weekend should be fairly laid back and hoping to get a few wedding things crossed off the list! :)

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