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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Progress NOT perfection...30 Ab Challenge

Sorry I have been MIA the last couple days, Tuesday I was out of town early in the morning until late in the evening and I did not have time to get a post in. Yesterday I was so torn on what to write, and felt like I was forcing it.

Forcing it is something I NEVER want to happen on this blog. I pride myself on being real with people. I can't stand fake people. Now i must tell you I find there is a difference in "fake" people and people who avoid confrontation...which sometimes ends up being me. I will be nice to everyone, but I know who to trust and who not to trust.

I have definitely gotten away from my true self with all the negativity I have had and caused in my life lately.

I want that to stop NOW! I am definitely someone who struggles with letting stupid things get me down! I fall into a spin of negativity and find it hard to get back out.

After everything that has happened, it really makes me realize those stupid things I get depressed about are just that stupid. 

I have a house to keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

I have a car that runs...for now..but it does run. It may not be a Lexus like I would like..but you know what it runs just fine and appearances aren't everything as we all know!

I have a loving family and friends who would do anything for me.

Why the need for depression? Well, money, jealousy, and pride can be the ugliest things on earth if you let them control you!

I have no room for jealousy in my life when it comes to most things. I have no room for comparing myself to others and what they have.

The one exception comes with body image. Although I wouldn't categorize it as jealousy but more longing to motivate myself the way those women have.

It amazes me and I still have not hit the light bulb which is so frustrating!

I know I have made progress, just not as much as I had hoped, 6 months later...However I am starting to feel more comfortable in my cute clothes again...here's yesterday's #OOTD
necklace from Metal Marvels; sweater from Victoria's Secret

Today I am starting the 30 Day ab challenge with Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally.  This one is going to be tough/simple. Its ONLY 15 minutes a day! 15 MINUTES! If I can't do this I can't do any!

Yesterday I also added a side bar you may have noticed, I am keeping myself accountable by listing the races I WILL be Running.

At this rate I will totally be able to hit my 12 by March! :) I wrote about my 36 goals in 365 days Here.

So, I guess my point is today is try to find the positive side of your life vs only seeing the things you AREN'T doing, or how far you have LEFT! How far have you come?

For me...a year ago I was just getting into THINKING about trying the C25K, I was trying ANOTHER gimmick..that guess what DID NOT WORK long term. Oh I dropped about 20 lbs, but guess what I gained it back when I quit the program....SHOCKING!

Now I am a LOT more conscious of what I eat, and I have a plan of action for work outs. I love my Turbo Fire, but have gotten away from it.

I play sand volley ball on Wednesdays and Fridays in a beer league. Plus I have a goal to run 12 races before next March.

 I am slowly making progress but isn't that the point? Progress

What are your positive outlooks today? How far have you come? Don't discredit what you HAVE done just because you aren't finished yet!!

PS...if you would like to join in on the Ab challenge you haven't missed a beat go check out the link under the picture for the moves. Today is Day 1...its only 15 minutes....you know you have that amount of time at your disposal, you can even do it while watching TV....now you have no excuse!

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