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Monday, May 20, 2013

Out with the old..in with the get my butt in GEAR!

Happy Monday blog world!

I must say I am in a much better mood this Monday vs last Monday. Teika (see photo below), our newest member of the family has been doing great sleeping through the night, but that girls alarm goes off at 6:30am EVERY MORNING!

This isn't a bad thing, although I am super tired in the process...I am hoping to make my body be accustomed to this wake up time, so once she grows out of her uncontrollable bladder I will be ready to get up and get my sweat on!

I tried the morning workouts before...and lets just say...Major Fail!

I don't know why I thought I could convince myself to get up earlier than needed...I will totally choose sleep over beauty folks!

So this weekend was busy...SUPER busy actually but I definitely feel like it was a relaxing busy weekend.  J worked Friday night, so I went to his mom's to finish a project I have been trying to get done for over a week! (I will do a sneak peak soon) So I didn't get done until 1am...yikes...then got to sleep in slightly b/c J came home early to go Turkey Hunting..so he let baby girl out to go potty!

Saturday morning I was meeting my mama to go meet up with our Photographer in A-town.  We were there for quite awhile..I went to high school with her so we had plenty to talk about :). If you need a Photographer for anything...go check out Shauna Welch Photography she does an amazing job and for a great price!! :)

Well at that point I thought my stomach was eating itself...maybe that wouldn't be so bad...at any rate I was dying for some Happy Joe's Pizza...for those stopping by, NOT from the Midwest..if you have never had Happy Joe's..you are missing out...home to the Taco Pizza- from what I hear, also a Midwest trend.

J decided he wanted to have friends over for a Fish/mushroom fry....again..Midwest...the mushrooms are morels..and DELICIOUS!  My grandpa lovessss to fish, so is always giving us extras! YUM!

We had a nice spread of snacks...fresh fruit, fresh veggies, chips and salsa and fish/mushrooms! Oh and lets NOT forget about the beer! ;)

My best friend came over and I am happy to announce also my Maid of Honor :), we went over some wedding stuff ( still undecided on my exact table decor). While she was there I remembered I had seen a package on the counter, so I opened it up and this is what I found.

my future monogram :)
My other best friend in Colorado sent my little family each something special....I feel like it is appropriate for me to say my best friends are better than yours! :) I may be biased! :)

Sunday was nothing short of amazing. J has been working a LOT! I barely see him anymore, except passing by at night before he goes to bed, and in the morning before I leave for work. We have gone through this before and its never an issue for us, but it makes me sad, because I miss him!
are they not the most precious furbabies you have ever seen!? :)

Sunday, was all J and Lindsay time. I got up early with the dogs, and then laid on the couch trying to fall asleep while he slept in (poor guy never sleeps).  I made a yummy breakfast and Prepped some veggies for the rest of the week for breakfast (onions and peppers) as well as some bacon ( no nitrates).

I am trying to be super prepared this week to set myself up for SUCCESS and hopefully save myself some money...nothing I hate more than spending a ton of money on groceries except for throwing said groceries away because I "forgot" about them, or decided I didn't "want" them that day.

I have a HUGE bowl of lettuce in the fridge for salads this week..plus cut up fruit, veggies, and cooked onions and peppers to have with my egg in the morning! Now I just need to boil some eggs!

My goal is to save myself time, stress AND MONEY by being a little more prepared for the week! :)
After J got up, we were going to do some things outside, but since Mother Nature decided to have a pissy fit, we got little storm after little storm. So what do you do then? Take a nap duh! It was amazing!

After nap time, we got up and he wanted to go for a four wheeler ride...be still my heart.  So we rode over to his parents house and rode around the farm. We then realized another storm was on its way so we headed back home...never got rained on and the sun was shining over by us so we decided we would be fine if we went over to his buddy's farm.

We got almost all the way down the gravel road, he happened to turn around and see a wall of WHITE! We were about to get poured on! So he goes...SHIT....well we are going to haul ass to make it back! So he whipped a shitty (don't recommend doing that on a four wheeler...on gravel), and we hauled serious ass back toward our house...and then it started raining on us...not too bad....then it started pouring.

I was laughing so hard..but if you have never been on a motorized vehicle without a windshield or roof in the rain, then you know the faster you go...and the harder its raining...the more those sweet little rain drops start to feel like shards of glass pelting your skin.

We pulled up our driveway he ran in and opened the garage door, and I seriously no more pulled that damn thing in and it stopped raining.....NO JOKE! We had a really good laugh, and it is probably one of my favorite memories of us now....I didn't care that I looked like a wet dog, or that our four wheeler ride was cut short.

I have found the man of my dreams, and I can't wait for more adventures with him.

Bet you didn't see this ending coming! :)

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