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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Well its that time again. Last week I committed to doing the 10 week challenge over at Operation Skinny Jeans. Sunday I committed to doing the Skinny Mom 14 day Challenge.

Today is Wednesday, and although I have been slacking on the exercise, my food choices have been a MILLION times better!! Happy Weigh In Wednesday, go check out the hosts Erin and Alex

Thursday was fabulous, I push mowed half our yard (its not that big but it felt like it when push mowing) after running week 2 day 1 of C25K- I am pretty sure I have run week 2 about 50 times now and can NOT seem to finish this stupid app! I am determined to get this exercise thing under control!

Friday, not so good, Saturday wasn't terrible, and Sunday was Meh...you bet your booty I celebrated Cinco De Mayo with  a Jumbo Margarita and Chicken fajitas! ;)- It wasn't a horrible weekend but with not feeling the greatest Friday I may or may not have eaten frozen pizza...that just screams TERRIBLE!

The first time I started this app was last summer, I was doing awesome and I think I made it to week 5....holy crap y'all I was over half done and guess what happened....I re-injured my ankle. Our dang dog ran after an animal and I had to get in the big man truck to go after him, as I was getting back in the truck with dog in the back, I slipped on the running board and when I landed I rolled my left ankle.

This stupid ankle is about ready to be cut off! I am so sick of it hurting,and getting re-injured right when I get in the swing of things. It always ALWAYS throws me off and then I jump off the wagon!

This year my excuse has been the weather...hot cold hot cold rainy snowy...MAKE UP YOUR MIND mother nature. I am really starting to get pissy...but its not with the weather..its with me for using it as an excuse.

My dreadmill is ghetto fabulous and so its very difficult to run the app on. So my goal was finish the app up then you can run whenever on the dreadmill.  Well guess what folks that has not happened yet! I'm quite frustrated with myself...I love running...but this second time around has been more difficult than the first.

I feel like the first time I started the app it was a breeze to start, this time...nottttsomuch!

I know it will get easier if i can just commit to going whether I feel like poo,its raining, etc. I am putting this on here for accountability. Its never easy to admit defeat, and I know I have not been defeated, but I am feeling a little defeated....if that makes any sense.

I am not looking for a pity party, actually just the opposite. This is why I have posted it to the world! I will complete C25K- I even put it on my "goals" note in my phone ( it has my rewards listed for each pound section).

I am getting really excited to sign up for my races. I am also getting SUPER DUPER nervous for my first 5K it will not be to get a great time- its the Color Run, I just want to have fun!

As far as the two challenges I have started....#Osj10weekchallenge and #skinnymom14daychallenge, I AM LOVING IT! I weighed myself yesterday and went down 2 lbs. which puts my loss at 10.4 lbs. since starting my journey in January.

I will not be getting on the scale again until next week, but I feel like my food choices are back in check, thanks to Skinny Mom! I haven't followed the EXACT Meal plan, but I love it for the ideas.

Last night I tried a new recipe that I will share on Friday...I have decided that I am going to try and designate every Friday for new recipes!! So be watching out Friday for Spaghetti Squash Broccoli Alfredo with grilled Chicken.

Hope you all are having a Happy Happy Happy Hump Day!


  1. Sounds like you and I both have a mental block when it comes to running on the treadmill! I hate the one we have and I so badly want a new one!

    I just recently started the C25K program again for oh...probably the third time. We will both finish it!!

    and way to go on the two pound loss!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  2. ugh i tried to start c25k for the first time today (bought a new treadmill) and apparently i have been way to lazy since highschool lol i made it through i first 1 min of running and i though i was dieing!

    1. Seriously I know the feeling Last summer when I had started the C25K I had already been going on daily walks with our dog so it actually was not that difficult...don't get me wrong...3 minutes was killer lol...BUT I could do it...this year when I started it and re started it...I had NOT been doing a damn thing and it was NOT so easy lol

  3. lol im not anonymous...its Ashley Weeks


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