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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Most Memorable Birthday...linked up

So Holly over at Where We can Live Like Jack and Sally ( one of my new faves...she is hilarious), is having a  link up that started yesterday for the best birthday story. This is her Birthday Week ( I am so happy I am not the only one who needs a week of celebrating her birth...I'm awesome like that..or maybe a Diva)

I feel like I should Disclaimer this right meow, because memorable implies you REMEMBER it...I have just pieced this story together and have flashes of memories by gaps being filled by friends.

So let me just set the stage for you. It's September 2004 2008 and I am turning 22. I am a senior in College...which translates to Full time party-er...you have to get that shit in before the real world (or so I thought).
probably my skinniest ever and I thought I was fat here!

I share a birthday with one of my friends who happened to be one of my roommates that year. He (yes I lived with all boys..girls can be bitches).

Lets just say my birthday buddy likes to party as much as I did..so we had a "double bash"...kind of..we ended up separating in groups and then reuniting.

My best friend came up to spend the night with me but was then leaving in the wee hours for a NASCAR race...I scream class..you will soon realize this!

We started out the night like any other night in college when you are planning on getting...trashed as free as a bird for better lack of terms. I of course decided that I needed a photo of CRUSHING a can....I did not crush said can!

I do not recall a lot about this night..but what I am about to tell you are pieces of information I pieced together with what information I was given.

*Disclaimer..alcohol in large quantities is VERY unhealthy, please do not follow in suit but learn from my mistake.

I know that we left our apartment and headed down town, where we continued to drink lots of beers...shots were bought...etc you can figure out the rest...college kid+ birthday+ alcohol= obvious outcome.

I was on the dance flo...dishing out my sweet moves, and had requested a particular song (which I can not remember) that the DJ would NOT play. This of course made me sad, but I continued to dance ( until that special moment). Towards the end of the night, I was quite unstable on my feet..and may or may not have fallen on the dance floor ( I was 3 for 3 people).
remember when I said mad skills?!?....yeahhh

This is the third year I had been kicked off the dance floor...super classy right?!

At this point my friend had left and went back to my apartment so she could get up in the AM. I however, was not alone, I had a ton of people with me, one of my college friends decided it was time for me to GO! So we were bought a cab by other friends ( apparently I was not capable of making it about 10 or so blocks from downtown to our college.
yikes...kids don't do this at home this is what happens  when you drink too much

We get back to our apartment which requires a key card entrance...but alas I had not key card..and the back door won't yank open like the front...my school had some serious ghetto qualities.  My friend went around to the front,and by the time she came through the building (5 minutes tops) I was laying on the step...in a dress...outside.

She could not get me to get up...but for some odd reason she said army crawl..and I was ALL about it. I had wanted to stay put until she mentioned this.

So I army crawled...in a dress....on our nasty college apartment hallway floor to my door.

I ended up passing out in our living room, when the rest of the party-ers came home, someone decided to poor water on me, because when I woke up the next morning to my friend saying she was leaving....I was soaked.

I remember saying "why am I all wet?"...her response..."OMG did you pee?". It didn't smell like pee, so I figured I was in the clear..plus I was only wet from the chest up...weird right?!

So all in all this is probably my funniest birthday moment...you're welcome!

What's your most memorable moment?


  1. Oh Lord! Sounds like you had fun! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hmmmm...I don't think we turned 22 in 2004. Don't go making us older than we already are Miss Linds!! I do, however, remember the stories of this birthday. I can't remember why I wasn't there, but I do remember that I was sorry I missed it. Love you!

    1. Bahaha u r right it was 2008! 2004 was sr year of high school... My bad...too many lost brain cells lol

  3. Girl, you know how to party!!


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