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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend- deeper than a BBQ

Welllll it's Tuesday and yet again I have missed a couple bloggerific days.

Friday I was off work early, and it was AMAZING!

I went to get my hair "did"....I am totally one of those girls who gets her hair cut about twice a year....no JOKE!

The girl who cuts my hair has known me forever and I get a lot of shit for going so long without cutting it...I am hella poor y'all!

I am determined however to get my hair cut on a REGULAR basis...ya know like normal people do, this year anyway. I want gorgeous hair on my big day..not dried-split-ended-nastiness.

After that J and I decided...ok J decided we needed to get our yard work done before all of the raining began!- So glad we did!!

I planted my beautiful Gladiola bulbs while he mowed..and scared poor baby girl to death! :(

   I was totally fine with that because when she's sick/scared is about the only time she wants to be held :(

Saturday Morning I took her for her 9 week shots....so sad..but she did great! She wasn't entirely sure about the car ride there and shook in my arms the entire way.  The way home was a tad different...she was out before we left the parking lot!

Can I just say dogs have got to be the creators of "silent but deadly" I swear I almost puked...had it not been raining I would have been able to put my window down....Thanks Mother Nature!

Well since the weather decided it didn't want to cooperate at ALL we decided to get our "errands" done...trips to Menard's and Farm and Fleet were made and I got this little gem...lovvee it..and it has gel in it to be frozen..HOLLA!

Does anyone else have "errand" trips that result in buying wayyyy more stuff on your list?...I guess it helps if you don't lose said list!!...oops

Afterwards J and I decided to start the partying early! We never get this much alone time..and I must say I felt pretty dang spoiled! :)

We were having a few people over for supper and his nephews and niece were a nice added surprise.

We played a couple rounds of Battle of the Sexes- super fun game if you have never played it!

Sunday J decided he hadn't had enough spending of the money so we went to IC, and my broski came with us!! :) Super fabulous mall!!

I got some pretty dang good buys- and my floppy hat I have been dying to get my hands on for the past 2 summers!

We then went to Whitey's....obviously this is what you do when you are done shopping right?!  If you aren't from the Midwest..you are SERIOUSLY missing out...Graham central station is my all time favorite ice cream!
What you can't see are all of the children falling down ice skating...I was dying! (mostly because that's what I look like while running!)

Memorial Day we took it pretty easy, but made sure to keep the armed forces (both current, retired, and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice) in our thoughts and prayers.

I am a huge movie lover...no seriously I just sold about 35 movies at our yard sale and I didn't even touch how many I have still!.....I was a poor college kid and clothes made me depressed so would buy movies instead!....Slightly out of control!

J however, is not a movie fan so much....he doesn't have the patience...think of a 5 year old at a movie...yeah that's J.  Since it was raining and yucky I knew I could talk him into it...I can only go see movies he would also like so it was either Hangover 3 or Fast and Furious 6 (the obvious choice for me was the second).  We went to the new theater and although I got made fun of for having a thing about movie theater popcorn needing to be delicious I ordered it anyway...I was delighted that it was sooo yummy!

The movie was fantastic...hello Paul walker anddddd Vin Diesel....how could it not be?!

After the movie I was left feeling gross...I didn't eat great at all the whole weekend+beer+ice cream+ Pepsi+ popcorn= disgusting!

I made Manicotti from scratch for supper (recipe soon) and I had a salad with mine. I felt much better afterwards.

Today's choices have been easy ( I bought a new bikini and I have to get in it in about 4 weeks...sooo yeahhh there's that) I have done well so far today and I have my abs challenge tonight and some arms Right meow! Next is Cardio Bitches!!
"We Own It" new running song

Whew that was way longer than I thought it would be! Hope you all had a wonderful LONGGGG weekend!!

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  1. Ok your pup is so cute!!! Ours just turned 4 but it feels like she was that small just yesterday!! Enjoy it! :)


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