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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby steps are KEY to success

It has been 5 months and 16 days, and although I am not anywhere near where I was hoping i would be, I have made changes.

I am not quite ready to share my real weight with everyone...because well its embarrassing that i have let myself get to this point.

I have done a lot, and I mean A LOT of reading on all the "fad's" to lose weight quick.

We all know they don't actually work that way.

You know the ones I am talking about.

"How to be bikini ready by June"; "top 5 slimming foods"; "top 10 ways you are sabotaging yourself"...etc, etc etc. ( King and I anyone?...no? just me...I love musicals)

The thing is..those articles don't work on their own...but you can learn things from them.

I know I don't look the way I want to, BUT the choices I have made are HUGE.

Here are some examples:

1. no more fried chicken on salads....and no more ranch- only Italian or Balsamic Vinaigrette ( this is huge for me people I love ranch with everything....even pizza rolls)

2. I am actually working out more..still haven't figured out a good schedule for me..but I have weights in my office...yoga ball in my living room..and ware on my running shoes...this is a HUGE deal for me!

3.So you know that thing about the ware on my running shoes...I did my first 5k people...you can read about it HERE.  And I'm not stopping there..I am doing another 5k Saturday...a real one ( the first one was just for fun) and I have signed up for the ..gulp...Bix 7...if you are not from the quad cities..then you may not realize that this race starts at the bottom of a very steep and LONG hill!!

4. I am trying different veggies so as to not get bored...yesterday I bought organic bananas for pre morning runs...Brussel sprouts ( never before in my life).. and zucchini..this isn't new but I do love it grilled mmmmm

Yesterday was not a good day at all for me....well I take that back...it had 2  bad moments...the rest was ok ( food wise).

I have learned that 2pm is the WORST time of day for me...I want sugar..and lots of it...I crave candy, pop, and Junk...I do fantastic until then but then all hell breaks loose and I want crappy food! WHY!? Well, that's when I start getting tired, bored, its when I worry about things, stress sets in, etc....so I am I going to try eating HIGH protein snacks at 2...like a grilled chicken tender with some celery and carrots with ranch...lets see if that helps :)

The whole reason I am writing this post is because I have been talking to one of my best friends this morning about races....ME...doing races...and BIG races.

I signed up for the Bix 7 today, and I am still trying to get the guts to sign up for the Half Marathon in Fort Wayne, IN.....nerves of steel I tell ya!
can't back out now!

As I was texting her, we started talking about fun marathons to do together...I saw this one and thought well OBVIOUSLY I need to do this race....what girl doesn't get called princess by her daddy!

This race is in California...so that would be an OBVIOUS girls weekend get away ( I am planning my vacations around running...this is a HUGE change)

Then she mentioned this one...Holla.....the beer tents at other races would never be able to compare after this one...
Why yes I would love to go to Vegas to do a Marathon..and then enjoy LOTS of festivities afterwards! :)

Plusssss...I have been talking about my vacation for awhile now...can you tell I need one..and can't wait to leave here!? I am signing up for the Firecracker run out in South Dakota, since I won't be home to run the one around here!

My life has definitely changed, and sometimes a good reminder is all that is needed to realize YOU are making progress! You control your future...don't let FOOD run your life like I have for so long!

Bring on the Advocare Cleanse tomorrow! I was going to wait until after vacation...BUT I am needing it now and I don't want to "wait until Monday" so to speak to get back on track!

So a big shout out to one of my bff's Steph! Thanks for giving me that reminder back! Good friends are important to success! They help keep you on track when you think you are too far gone!

I love that both of my best friends are HUGE runners! :) They motivate me to keep going! <3


  1. You got this girl. I love that you love to run and the races are so much fun. You can do this... and 2:00 pm. is my hard time too. Ugh..


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