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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Favorite vacation to date....

Just a tid bit....to my 15 followers...God love you...and to anyone new who finds my humor enjoyable feel free to hit the Blog lovin button at the bottom of this post...apparently they are doing away with google reader...BOO...although I am not going anywhere ;)...Google is just being silly! (Anybody else had issues with their blogs they follow showing up anyway?)

So I am a day late and a dollar short buttttt here is my link up with one of my favorites!  I LOVVVEEE vacations!!
Since I am going on my in T- minus 2 hours ( WAHOO- in a screech aka Samuel Powers voice) I thought there was nothing more fitting then to share my favorite vacation with J!

I think it says a LOT about a relationship if you don't want to kill each other after a 13 hour drive of just the two of you...together...in a confined vehicle....with ME driving half way!

Yes I knew after that trip that we could survive any kind of fight...the man is a saint for dealing with my serious Road Rage....and I MEANNNN road RAGE!

I'm like the hulk behind the wheel of a car when people drive in the left lane on a 2 lane interstate....or go 10 mph UNDER the speed limit....you get the picture!

This is why I live in the country people..less cars..means less traffic..means LESS ROAD RAGE!

I swear I am a nice person

So are you ready to know where the vacation took place....those of you who know me may be guessing a beach somewhere...and normally you would be correct-amundo....however in this case you areeee the weakest link...no? Sharon Osborn anyone?...crickets....

After we had been together about 5 months, J wanted to take a trip out to South Dakota ( I had never been there).

He wanted to see his best friend, his wife (his best friend's wife...he's not a polygamist) and their little boy.

So we drove...13 and some odd hours..with about 15 bathroom breaks ( hey when I drive I make the call on whether or not there are pit stops!)

We finallly get into South Dakota, it was late, I was tired..and I had to PEEEEE!

What the hell is it about a car ride that makes you feel like you have a bladder the size of a pea?

When I say I had to pee, I mean I had to PEE when we got INTO South Dakota, we still had a bit of a drive to get to their house.

I tell J that I have to go to the bathroom, he says we'll be there soon can you hold it?

note to self ladies...if you haven't dated a man very long..MAKE SURE YOU GET HIS DEFINITION OF soon!!!

An hour later..still not there...I still had to pee...and I thought my damn bladder was going to explode...so again I ask seriously how much longer til we get there?

We will be there really soon....20 minutes later STILL not there...I see a gas station and I told him to pull the damn truck over I have got to pee!

His response.."Hun we are in town, they are about 5 minutes from here...."...Yeahhhh I really want my first impression to your best friend to be Hi My name is Lindsay Peepants.....that sounds fantastic!

We finally get to their house...he was right about 5 minutes later...when I would have peed my pants...and had a few beers and chatted before bed!

I learned a LOT on this trip....if you are not from an area that has a high altitude...PLAN on getting drunk off of 2 beers.... I am a light weight anyway and this just clinched the deal for me!

I woke up with a splitting headache and thought WTF...did I seriously get drunk on 2 effing beers....

So it was a great trip....we went on a "winery" hop...ya know like a bar hop only with Winery's...what you haven't done that? Well you are MISSING out!!

We even went to a Naked Winery...cool it...you don't ACTUALLY get naked... they use naked grapes! ;)

I finally got to see Mt. Rushmore...it was the most fascinating 5 minutes.......what was I talking about...yeah its neat to see in person but definitely not something you need to see every year for the rest of your life!

I saw them "working" on crazy Horse....it has been a work in progress for a long...LONGGGG time!
Crazy Horse

this is what it should look like at the "end"...whenever that is!

The best part of the trip was the four wheeling with a cooler of beer and great company. Life doesn't get much better than that!
No body knows how to party like country people!

We did go up the Mountain behind their house....and I feel I should tell you that I have issues with Ladders that are 6 feet off the ground...we are talking 100s of feet....SUPER!
<3 up high but I didn't know it :)

so pretty!!

We got to an area where I could see down ( I was fine when we were in the trees and I didn't realize how far up we were), when I had to start climbing to the top...panic sat in and my legs no longer worked like human legs should.  J was being a butt and wouldn't help me with anything...so his buddy's wife yelled at him (her husband) to help me...haha...I just love her!
well you can sort of tell we are having a "discussion".....

yeahhhhh....gotta love him!

So here are a few shots of our trip that I didn't mention.....
State Park

State Park
Bear Country....right next to our vehicle!

Bear Country...Santa's reindeer chill in South Dakota after Christmas!
Bear Country
Cozmos....standing up straight...gravity is all sorts of freaky there

again standing up straight!!
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  1. Thanks so much for linking up with Holly and I for our Vacation Dreaming Link-Up! Looks like a great trip. My husband and I would love to visit all 50 states at some point and South Dakota is high on our list. :-)


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