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Monday, June 24, 2013

Royal Ball Run- What Autism means to me

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I was going to do a weekend round up, but I thought this topic was much too important to not have its own post!

Saturday not only marked the 2nd 5k EVER, but also the first one I have actually put effort into running.

It was HARD Y'all!

I haven't been training as well as I should..meaning I haven't run very many times since the last one, so for me to get in under 50 minutes while running only half Id say that's a good place to start!!

I picked up my packet Friday evening, and the shirts are that amazing soft stuff that doesn't hold the sweat...BONUS!

Saturday morning was race day and there were people dressed up in "royal" costumes and such and I was starting to get nervous!

My nerves were just sitting in my stomach...I turned on my Nike plus app and waited to press START!

I have to tell you guys, I am a pretty emotional person, and when it comes to me doing things I never thought possible for myself, I get kinda sappy.

I hit mile 1 and thought ok, I am tired but this isn't too bad, then I rounded the corner and my shins were hurting as well as my ankle, but then a little boy popped in my head that sad keep going..this is bigger than you!

I went up the hill to the trail and thought wow I am actually doing this...I am doing this by myself....even better!

I was almost to mile 2 when I started to get really tired, my legs felt like Jello, and I wanted to just walk the rest of the way..and then my music did what it does best and plays a song that pushes me on!

The song was "Outta My Mind" by Anthem Heights. Its a contemporary christian group, normally I listen to Nelly or try to shake it for Luke Bryan while I run, but I have this song on there because it reminds me that you have to take control of your mind back.

Most of the time our bodies can withstand more than we think, but our minds say...STOPPPPPPP eat a cheeseburger...NOW damn it!

At this point I started to tear up...I was running, ME...Lindsay I was doing it, I was racing and not because people told me I could, but because of those who thought I couldn't.

For all of those people who talked about me behind my back growing up ( girls can be bitches), for those people who doubt that I am serious this time...mostly for myself...to know that THIS time is it...no more excuses!!

I almost lost it, I finished out the race running/walking...and I ran the last .10 of a mile...I had to run through the finish and although there weren't many people there....the feeling of those people cheering you on is amazing!

My mom was waiting for me at the finish line, she has had her fair share of struggles and I told her "your goal should be to do this with me!"

I won't give up until she does it with me!

After the race I was HUNGRRRYYY! I ate a banana before but obviously those calories were burned off ( score), we went to HY VEE which was next to the finish line and ate breakfast with my gparents...not the best place we could have eaten but it did in a pinch. I may have cheated and had a piece of bacon...sue me!

Now some of you may be wondering who the little boy was that "spoke" to me, no its not a spirit..he is real!

He is my soon to be nephew and such a complete joy.

This is a much younger picture of him than he is now, but it works (isn't he a cutie)

He is so smart, I am talking GENIUS!

He is the sweetest little boy you could ever dream of meeting, but some people become confused by his sudden outbursts and think "what poor parenting" when in reality its not that at all, things trigger him that wouldn't trigger a kid who is not autistic.

It could be a noise ( be it too loud or too high), it could be the number of people, it could be the type of people ( lots of little kids).

If the stress or feeling in the room is chaotic he will lose it, and it is not his or anybody else's fault, it is simply because his brain doesn't work the same as the rest of us.

You know what that's ok, because he is a pretty awesome kid.

If you don't know anything about Autism I encourage you to find more information ( there is a lot out there thanks to the Internet)

Most importantly, don't always assume that the kid having a fit in the store or the restaurant is a bratty kid or that there is someone to blame...it may just be that his/her sensitivity to the surroundings has been heightened and he cant take it.

If you are claustrophobic imagine being in a mouse hole, if you have anxiety imagine the thing that makes you anxious ( if you have no issues congratulations you are perfect) if you have anything that triggers you be it a fear of something or whatever makes you worry or nervous..times that by 100 and you might come close to how an autistic child feels on an almost daily basis!

Ok there's my soap box for the day!! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend I know I did..here's a few shots from the rest of my weekend:

Grilled alll by myself...last time I may or may not have melted the siding on our old house...oops! Ps this was delicious!!!
Retail Therapy! THANK YOU TARGET!
well its not a complete trip with out a first aid kit and new nail polish!

my lovely bird dogs at work...this was HELL keeping them away from that little baby

can you see the baby bird?! :)
Air Show...talk about Swamp Ass...yikes!

popcorn made the right way...perfect Sunday afternoon snack/dinner!

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