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Friday, June 7, 2013

Fabulous Five on Friday or maybe six...because I can!

Well its Friday and who doesn't love Friday?!

I decided to do this link up because A. I wanted a reason to post a million different ideas- lets be reallllllll my brain doesn't work on one thing at a time..I process about 50 things and they jumble together- not always a great thing!

B. well it seems the cool kids are doing it so why not!

So here goes:

1.These two fur babies make me happy every moment I'm with them..even if I want to pull my hair out at times...I just can't imagine my life without them!! I mean look at how precious they are ( I should warn you this lasted seriously A SECOND...after I snapped it she was biting at him and he was growling....)

2. This is probably the biggest thing making me oh so happy right now. I created this countdown so I know down to the second how much time I have before I become a Mrs.

I am so lucky to have found the love of my life. He makes me crazy sometimes...ok a lot of times...but my life would be boring and a lot less meaningful without him. ( Plus I know he puts up with WAY more crazy on my part ;))

Plus this week we visited one of the two florists we are looking at and I can't wait to see what they all look like because in my head they are GORGEOUS!

3. I am still on a runner's high from "running" my first 5k....its definitely an experience that can NOT be explained. Plus I got to do it with my best friend from WAYYYYY Back!! ( now my other best friend from way back is trying to convince me to do a 7 miler in July.....I'm probably going to just sign up...its a huge race where I'm at!)

4.  Becoming a healthier version of myself is a big thing that makes me smile constantly!

This is def a new FAVORITE snack...YUMMMMM!!

Obviously I had to include this pic, it encompasses so much of my life right now...my fave color ( isn't is purdy) work out gear...namely my sand volleyball shirt, and I worked out like it was my job that day and felt amazing!  Plus it was NATIONAL RUNNING DAY- so obviously I had to go on a Run!

5. How can you NOT be happy when you get mail..and I got A LOT of mail this week :)
#kikilarue #hazelandoliveboutique #theproductfarm

6. I am adding a sixth because my life is NOT complete without Target..and I got this super cute dress there so I thought I would share....trying to get better at the selfies...it is definitely an art!
Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. YAY for an official wedding countdown! Your almond butter snack looks amazing! I will have to try it for sure!

    And good mail weeks are the BEST!

    Thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I JUST bought that almond butter a few days ago and my little guy is an addict! Haha!! It's so good!

    And I'm dying.... "I run because I love beer"! I feel like I need a slogan that says "I SHOULD run because I can eat my weight in cake!". Ha!!!!

    And lastly, that bouquet is gorgeous. I seriously think that the flowers can make a wedding! Exciting times ahead for you guys... I loved all things "wedding planning" (and we had a low key destination wedding, but the details were my favorite!).

    So glad you joined us for the link-up!! Loved reading your "Five"!


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