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Monday, June 3, 2013

Color the Quads- the happiest 5K

Well its Monday again...whomp whomp...I feel like I was not present at all last week!

I hate that! Thursday we had a scary storm come through, thankfully no tornado's touched near our house but they were in the area. Still praying for Oklahoma! So devastating!

Friday I worked about 18 hours...super awesome..meaning I left my house at 4am and didn't get home until 1030pm! GROSSSSSSS

Saturday I woke up and was completely exhausted..but knew I had my FIRST 5K EVER that evening!

I am not really sure why they chose 4pm as the race time, but whatever.

I was doing the race with my bff...only fitting since she has been trying to get me to run with her FOREVER!

My brother and his buddy came to watch us...so sweet right?!

We got to the race just before start time...we are usually fashionably late..and we were definitely later than everyone else :)

It was so overwhelming to see that many people there.

We decided we needed to be a little colorful BEFORE we started...since they gave us a packet and all....

They had different heats...so people didn't get trampled.

I was planning on running the race when I signed up originally buttttt like I have posted I had lost my will to do anything excercisy....which sucks!

I finally have the feeling back....2 reasons...I finished that race and felt awesome..annnddd I GOT MY DRESS yesterday!! :) (post later on this)

We started out clean as a whistle, and by the end were a hot mess a rainbow.
not sure why I look so.....angry...ohhh because I was HANGRY! #beastmode

Although I thought it would be super fun to get color sprayed at you...I had not anticipated the cloud affect.

The cloud affect is what happens when they have 20+ volunteers using plastic clear ketchup bottles (the fancy ones) to squirt the powder at you...which in turns has a baby powder affect ( you know when you push on the bottle and it creates a puff of powder).

It was awesome and I plan on preserving my shirt...buttttt I am still coughing from inhaling that stuff! :)

Overall for my first 5k it was great..although, the next one will be more of a "race" this was similar to a new swimmer putting their toes in the water.

The first mile went insanely fast....then I kept looking for mile marker 2...anddddd NOTHIN! All of a sudden we see a sign that says .5 miles to go.....WHATTTT I'll take it! :)

I would definitely recommend this race to anyone and I will be doing another in August!

The after party could quite possibly be my favorite part!  We ended up skipping the beer tent (Miller Light...GROSS) and heading to the bar next door who had 2.00 beers....HOLLA!

My brother and his buddy were amazeballs and bought our drinks!  We had such a great time and it was the perfect ending to my first race!

I can't wait for the next race...maybe I will even break the number 12 and do more than that by April 2014!
Happy Running! next 5K is 2 weeks away...hopefully it doesn't fill up before Thursday! (Pay day...HOLLA!)

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