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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Ah HA moment

Well its Tuesday, and I thought I would share a little insight I "learned" yesterday....I am not even sure learned is the right word...I REMEMBERED yesterday!

I am doing a post because I NEVER want to forget the "ah ha" moment last night. (FINALLY)

Yesterday was a pretty trying day for me.  I have talked how I struggle with Anxiety on a daily basis and it has definitely gotten A LOT better through natural health BUT, its still there and likes to rear its ugly annoying little face!

I have more anxiety about money than I ever dreamed possible...its funny when you have money you don't worry about how you will pay this or that..when you don't have it..that's all you worry about!

I was told yesterday that my tail light was out on the one side...this after finding out crushing very deterring news about a lead on something.

I normally would have given up and went to Taco Bell or Arbys gotten my large Pepsi and a meal and stuffed my face with it. 

I wouldn't have done a work out, I would have sulked on the couch and had a pity party.

For some reason yesterday even after hearing TWO things that brought my day down about 10 notches, I ate perfect ALL DAY!

I didn't want to cheat...it was more than a little voice saying "I HAVE to stay on track" it was a I don't even want that crap...instead I used it to push through my run and my arm work out!

I had the right amount of meals (5.5).

I went on my run, did arms, and ab challenge.

My meals were even well thought out and well balanced:

 Breakfast- egg sandwich (using a whole wheat round, green pepper, pepper jack cheese slice and 1 egg and 1 egg white)
snack 1- freshly frozen berries, cheese stick (60 cal), and 10 almonds
Lunch- 3 oz chicken griller leftover grilled potatoes and corn and some guacamole
Snack 2- granny smith apple and 2 tbsp maple almond butter
Dinner- half of sweet potato with cinnamon, 3.5 oz grilled teriyaki chicken, 1 cup of Green Giant cheesy steamer
now you tell me you would choose a nasty McDonald's cheeseburger over this!!

mini dessert- 1 serving of sugar/oil free banana muffin ( SOOOO GOOD)

Plus 75 oz of water

I felt so good about my choices that day that it overpowered all of the downers I had.

I was eating dinner and thinking: Why on God's green earth have I been so horrible to my body?

I posted a challenge for myself on IG (if you don't follow you should #cowboybootsandanapron), the challenge def said NO POP or fast food...so I knew I couldn't cheat already yesterday.

I am so glad I didn't. I felt amazing after my run- I FINALLY have the feeling back I had last summer...the runner's high...and if you have never experienced it..don't give up!!

I felt so full yesterday just by eating healthy things, and so far this morning I haven't faltered....I haven't had fully clean things BUT Kellogg's sandwich thin breakfast sandwich did perfect in a pinch ( mine are WAY better)

I love that I have learned so much over the last 2 years, I know how to make healthy choices, and the more labels I read the more I shy away from garbage....like Lay's stacks...have you read the ingredients..GRRR-OOSS.

I have wondered about my ah ha moment and when would it come, well yesterday as I was messaging back and forth with Mel I brought up my idea that I have been pondering about for about a week now.

This idea is...gulp...to run the Fort Wayne 1/2 with the little blogging community I have grown to love. I of course am comparable to the geeky freshman that nobody really knows, and they are the cool popular upper classmate girl next door girls that are friends with everybody! :)

Last night during my run, all I could think about was could I run a half? Is it really possible to be ready by September?

The answer is Yes, It may not be a perfect time, but I would do my best! Sept 28th is 15 weeks away...and although I wouldn't really be "competing" per say I would be able to finish and not die, if I train now.  I have a few races between now and then and I know I can do it!

I haven't signed up yet because I have to do budget crunching...but just the thought of running with Mel made me push myself harder last night....have y'all seen her...she's gorgeous and a sweetheart..andddd a serious runner to boot!

I really want to do this for myself, I want to have another accomplishment marked off in my book! If you follow regularly you know that I did a 36 in 365, one of those was to START training for a half...if I run this half it will blow that goal wayyy out of the water!

Have you had your "AH HA" moment yet?! What sparked it for you?

**Trying to find a healthy alternative for caffeine..I do not care for coffee, and a lot of energy drinks contain garbage and lots of it! I don't want anything that has fake sugar in it.

I found this today at Hy Vee and thought I would give it a try..I'll let you know how it tastes! :)


  1. YAY!!!! I am so glad you are going to run it... and thank you so much for the kind kind kind words - you are so sweet and I adore you.

  2. wow! You go girl. I am not to the point where I could ever even imagine running a half. :) Good for you for pushing through your downers and making it a better day!
    I work inside a Hy-Vee LOVE that store!


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