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Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Goals Check In- Weekend overview

Well hello Monday! I am getting super excited for my vacation that is coming up super duper fast.

I hate when I set goals for a certain event but then my brain decides to take a U turn back to "lazyville"

Lazy with food, lazy with work outs...just lazy and miserable.

Such a great feeling....uhhhhh NOT!

Last week I really got myself back into working out...I worked out like a boss Wednseday.

Thursday I went Line Dancing..and holy hell did I sweat my booty off...the key is to wear boots with a heel...calfs will SCREAM!

Friday I worked a little in the yard, and ya know I  don't really remember a whole lot else..YIKES!

Saturday we worked in the yard ALLLL DAYYYYY LONGGG!! I weeded our sweet corn, and then we mulched, mulched and did more mulching and weed pulling.

Our patio is gonna be off the chain....too much?....well anyway it looks amazing just need a few more pots for the dogs to knock over flowers and an umbrella for our table and it will be complete! :)

Oh did I mention my fantastic Burn I got...yeah it feels super fantastic...I STILL feel like Doug on the Hangover..."my skin burn my skin burn"..yeahhhhhh

Sunday was very relaxing and I feel like I never went overboard with food this weekend..but I definitely could have been better! I am going back to having a "free day" during the week...still watching portions but that is my one and only cheat day..so if I want a juicy cheeseburger that's the day to have it..if I want ice cream..that's the day to have it...I won't feel deprived b/c I know I will get that treat on that day!

I know that this works because I used it during weight watchers and I lost about 35 lbs....if only it would come off that easy again.....boo..hiss..scream.

On to my weekly goals, I am linking up with Jess over and Operation Skinny Jeans...she is too cute for words and such a sweetheart. Always encouraging others and totally honest about her journey which I love!
Operation Skinny Jeans

1. Complete week 2 of C25K- this may seemmm simple but I have been struggling to complete this damn app AND I WILL do it this time!

2.  Eat clean- this is a big one for me...I am going to be ordering the 10 day cleanse again...you know the one I swore I would NEVER do again...well I am going to allow string cheese this time...I think I was too strict on myself last time and I burnt myself out on the same foods..so hense failure!

Good news is, I have already eaten completely clean today so far and my snack is going to be fresh berries a boiled egg and string cheese!

3.Weights at least 4 times this week

4. follow meal plan-I created June's meal plan, now i need to stick to it..I can do it and it WILL make my life easier!!

The month of May wasn't awful, but I certainly am not where I wanted to be. I have 4 weeks left on this 10 week challenge and I can still come damn close to my goal for it.

What are your goals for the week?! Have you challenged yourself lately?!

PS my post Friday I talked about Justin's Maple Almond Butter...well I have formed a new addiction to it...sooo it is safe to say that I will be taking a break from it ..but holy YUM!


  1. I want to learn how to line dance SO bad!!

  2. I love that your workout is line dancing! Fun! Also, that sunburn? Oww! Looks like you had some cute straps on your back, though.

    I am on Week 4 of C25K and I am struggling!!!! So, I get it! I hear people talk about running a couple miles and I just can't figure out why I'm having such a hard time with 5 minutes!


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