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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Work Out Wednesday- SPICY Clean Burrito Bowl

Well its Hump Day, and I must say I have had this super awesome feeling for a couple days now.

I don't know if actually getting my dress took the stress off of me to lose the weight or what, but I have finally found my PASSION again!

I was asked if I ordered a size or two smaller, and to that I say...NO I didn't.

Want to know why?! Well its WAY more motivating to me to prove a Bisch WRONG than it is to think about how if I don't lose this amount of weight on the day of my wedding I will be poured into a dress or worse....it won't fit at all. (talk about stress!...no thank you cortisol)

That is way more crushing to me than you could know!  I was actually in a wedding and when we bought bridesmaids dresses (right after Christmas y'all) I cried the whole way home, not only was I not loving the dress but the experience was horrible.

The lady that fitted me was SO rude and she made me feel like this fat slob. Well guess what I proved her wrong and lost around 30-35 lbs and that dress looked RIDICULOUS on me. It was still too big after 2 alterations! That is bat shit crazy!

So with that stress not sitting there I know that I can lose what I want to lose. I know that I will look fantastic on the day of my wedding ( which is how you should feel).

I know that I will feel great in a bikini on my honeymoon.

So now onto the post topic at hand- sorry I have a zero attention span today....squirrel....

I have been LOW on cash lately and don't get paid until tomorrow so I had to be creative for dinner last night.

I can never have enough Mexican food, and I knew that I needed to use up the frozen ground turkey that had been in my freezer for awhile now ( originally bought for PF Chang's lettuce wraps...obviously that never happened).

I took enough of the meat and made 2 very small burgers for a mix up in meals this week. The rest I used for the following:

Spicy Clean Burrito Bowl ( if you love Chipotle you will loveee this)
4 cups cooked quinoa
1 3/4 lb ground turkey
taco seasoning (equivalent of one package of store bought)
2 tbsp sliced pickled jalapenos
4 tbsp of fresh salsa
1 can of corn
1 can black beans
Greek yogurt

I cooked the ground turkey and then added the corn, black beans and taco seasoning with a little water so it could simmer about 10 minutes (or until liquid is gone or thick)
Add in chopped up jalapenos and salsa

Let heat up for a few minutes.

Place 1 serving of quinoa in a bowl ( if you want to make it even more similar to Chipotle add lime juice and fresh cilantro)
Place a 3/4 cup of meat mixture over quinoa and then top with lettuce, Greek yogurt and guacamole if you wish.

**I did not use the quino last night but made a salad instead- Just as yummy!!

For the workout part of this post I thought I would do a small update on my mini challenges I am in.

I started the Ab Challenge with Holly from Where we can live like Jack and Sally, and now I am doing a squat challenge as well with Megan Card. PLUSSSSS I am workin the shiz out of my arms....I need Jillian Michael's arms by April 2014!

Bring it on:
Abs 30 day challenge end date: June 21st
Squat 30 day challenge end date:July 8th (if my calculations are correct)
Arms- no end date...just EVERY DAY!

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