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Monday, February 25, 2013

Clean eating...sharing tips along the way-Join ME

So this weekend was probably the most fun I have had in a LONG ASS TIME! Seriously I was off Friday- and so freaking productive- up at 7 to work out (check), cleaned kitchen up, dusted in bedroom ( mega YUCK)- do you know that dust is DEAD SKIN- SICK, and cleaned off our catch-all (dining table).  Saturday was amazeballs- minus during the day when I was bored out of my mind. One of my girls (insert known each other FOREVER) had her birthday party Saturday night and it was OH SO FUN, buttttt I ate bar food and drank a lot of beer. Did you know that as you age your body actually rejects grease and lots of beer (not as many as you would think for how I felt Sunday)- there is a reason college is meant for 20 something year olds- b/c this girl can't hack it anymore...or is this just me?! I am not kidding I was hungover ALL EFFING day Sunday (hot pipes and all). Sunday was lower key but still fun- went and watched the Daytona 500 with my bestie- lots of yummy snacks. (Insert Redneck Joke)

So after this weekend , I am feeling the need for a cleanse. I have always been an advocate for cleanses, as I have been using them since high school. My spark in interest in these started so young because of the Natural food/health influences of my mom's best friend. I linked her website in my previous post of favorite things . I have seen a LOT of people doing the Advocare cleanse- it forces you to eat clean for 10 days. Those who know me, know that for about a year I have been on a huge kick of eating as minimal processed garbage as possible. I try to buy organic eggs as much as possible. I NEVER use margarine (yuck- look at ingredients). I eat as much fruit and veggies as possible ( need to start using the vinegar wash). I don't buy white bread or buns ( my goal is to start making my own and freezing- both) I no longer buy "frozen dinners" or boxed dinners, as much as I want to- they are so easy when trying to lose weight, but just not worth the effects in the long run.

**Disclaimer- this is by far a personal choice for me and for my family ( J and Trigger). Please do not feel judged if you don't eat this way, I have been through a lot of circumstances which have made me think twice about the damage that stuff can do. I do not judge those who choose to still eat those things, so please don't judge my views on why I want to eat clean.

That being said, how many of you have tried eating clean? I am seriously ordering the Advocare cleanse today (Tricia I am going to text you ;)). I tried a weird cleanse from Walgreen's and hated it. I love the cleanse the Nature's Sunshine makes, but I am wanting to try something different.

Now on to the honesty, although what I said that I already do IS true, there are still things in my house that are processed that I will have a hard time letting go of here goes my 10 day give up list:

1. Laughing Cow ( this one will be difficult- EVERY MORNING :( )
2. Chrystal Light ( not every day, but definitely my treat when I want something besides water...
3. Spray Butter- EEK, I said I never use margarine, and I don't when I am cooking- this is what I use on veggies, once on my plate (potatoes, corn, etc )
4. KETCHUP AND RANCH...wtf...seriously I REFUSE to make my own ketchup I have heard horror stories...lol Ranch I am going to attempt some Pinterest recipes :)
5. Any other condiments... :(- seriously I am a sauce girl, I NEED SAUCE FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!
6. I am also going to attempt to lower my salt intake- I do use Sea salt, but I have high BP so I need to watch it.
7. ALL things "Light, and or fat free" yikes this has been a big down fall lately while trying to lose weight
8. I am sure there are more, and I will let you know when my 10 days are up which items i have finally gotten rid of for good, and which are going to be added back in because I can't handle it!

For now, I am going to do some serious RESEARCH on clean eating- I know Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg will be doing this cleanse with their readers and on Wednesday they are having a link up for clean recipes for anyone who is interested.- If anyone wants to do this cleanse along with me, please share its always nice to know there is someone eating the same foods :) Also, I do not consider this a benefit to losing weight- more so a push to help me eat even better than what I am. So I don't think cleanses are an "easy" out. :)

Side note- I totally just placed my first order with Nature Box and I CAN NOT WAIT to get my first box of goodies!! Thanks for stopping by!

                                 xoxo, Lindsay

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