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Thursday, February 14, 2013

These are a Few of My favorite things...

Ok, be honest...who just broke out in song?!...

I know I wasn't alone there! ;) So its Valentine's Day, or Thursday the 14th, whichever you prefer!. I know some people think that Valentine's Day is stupid, overpriced, etc...and well its not far off. I definitely don't mind having an excuse for  a "special" date, but I will tell you "special" for me, means take out for lunch ;). J works 3rd shift, so it tends to make it difficult to have a social life, or even a dating life for us. So I'll take 'em when I can get 'em. Today I am bringing home Chinese, yummm (don't worry beef and broccoli for this girl ;)) so SALAD tonight!

On to my reason for this particular post, I have two reasons. One being, I got on the scale and gained .2 lbs WTF are you kidding me scale?! So as to not get depressed about this I looked at my baby (insert dog) and realized I have so many great things in my life, and started thinking about what I could never live with out. So here goes my top 25. Why 25 you say? well because its an easy number and a happy medium, not too many, not too few, and because I feel like it so THERE! I will go backwards with most important being #1 :)

25. Warm Sunny days- seriously they can get here ANY DAY!
24. Blogging- it is such an amazing release for me, I love being able to share my journey
23. Running- Never in a million years did I think this would make my list!
22. The Kitchen Store- I can't help but spend HOURS in there!
21. Re-finishing furniture or crafting <3
                               This was an icky orange color to start out and the chairs were the color of the seats. (I'll do a tutorial soon)

20.Dark Chocolate- again never thought I would say that but I LOVE Dark Chocolate almonds and Ghiradelli's Sea Salt Soiree
19. Pictures- I love how they can immediately take you back to a place and time (obsessed with shoes even  at 2)

18. conversations with my grandparents- nothing makes me happier than my grandpa's laugh! <3
17. Teaching friends what I learn about health and fitness
16.My Running Shoes- without I could not continue on this amazing Journey
15.Old movies- see below ;)
14. My Pearls- I love me some Audrey Hepburn and I feel so classy when I wear mine! (doesn't get much classier than this)

13. Four Wheeling- I love to dress up, BUT this is probably my favorite thing to do when its not freezing!
12. Glass of Wine- LOVE ME SOME WINE, especially the kind from South Dakota!

11. Blessed By Nature- anyone who knows me, knows I have been OBSESSED with natural care since I was little this is my "second" mama's store and she is FABULOUS!
10. Shoes, Shoes, and more SHOES!! <3
9. Music- any and all ->> I love how it relates to any emotion I may be having-and Luke Bryan is pretty fun to look at ;)
8.Teal/Turquoise/TiffanyBlue- serious new obsession- I'm not sure what the deal is, but I HAVE to have it if it comes in these colors!

7. Kiki La'Rue- ok I know what you are thinking, really!? a store- seriously this woman has changed my life and I could not continue on my journey without the drive- KLR gives me one of my drives ;)

6. My Kitchen- without it I would not have found such a deep passion for cooking, I love to "collect" recipes, and I ALWAYS change them, I can't help myself!
5. My besties & Loyal Friends- you girls know who you are!..seriously God let us choose our friends, which means they have to be an amazing gift! <3
4.My baby- our German short Hair Trigger ( Dogs are such a gift from God, the most loving animal that ever existed)
3. My mama, my brother and my grandparents- without family, we have nothing
                                        Thanks to Megan Klauer Photography we have a great family picture to cherish!

2.God- I know that He should be first, and he is, but I think today God would be ok with J being #1 :)
1.OBVIOUSLY, I am allowed to be super gushy today and my number 1 is J. I will tell you why I would pick him as my number 1 any day of the week, month, year, to infinity and beyond. Words can not express how much this man does for me, when I am angry he makes me laugh, even if I am mad at him- sometimes I want to get more mad, but I can't help myself he's too cute. When I am tired and cranky he understands ( HUGE), I could seriously go on for days, but without a doubt this song pops in my head now and I cry thinking about it. If you have not heard it please check it out. "This Life would kill me if I didn't have you". Truly how I feel about J, he's my everything.
                                          <3 him to the moon and back

I could seriously probably live with out 8-25, but if I had to live without 1-7, well lets not talk about it because I don't ever want to find out! <3 Have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to my loyal readers! Thanks for the support through my journey!

P.S. FINALLY ADDED pics- You are welcome ;)

                                 xoxo, Lindsay

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