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Monday, February 4, 2013

Setting Goals...another tip

Wow, we have reached Febuary...does anybody else think that January flew by without giving time to blink?! This month will be even faster because its shorter..GAHH swimsuit weather will be here before we know it...all the more reason to keep setting goals. So to help myself keep on track...I followed in step with one of my favorite bloggers  Mama Laughlin  .  I read one of her old posts (click on link) where she had purchased a size 8 pair of Express jeans to hang in front of her treadmill. Now I love jeans as much as the next girl, but I like jeans to fit a certain way and I can have 6 pairs of Silver jeans and every damn pair fit different- drives a girl BSC.

The Kenzie Dress

 So instead..I decided to indulge in my KLR obsession and purchase the Kenzie dress I have had my eye on...OMG its fabulous and of course I HAD to have it ;). So I bought a Medium, because I don't plan on going to a small, nor do I think that would ever happen, because A. I would lose my tatas- and lets just say I wouldn't feel like myself if they were small. B. I don't think that would happen ANYWAY. So I bought the Medium and I WILL wear it Hopefully on my 27th birthday...27th?...yeah 27th..yikes I have reached the age wear I can no long REMEMBER how old I am..I S*** you not...I seriously have to stop and think some days....this may not be all bad, by the time I am 50 I'll think I am 20...perrrfeeeccct ;) as long as I don't act 20 I'm golden...side note- I want to be that MILF that dresses adorable...but not the one who thinks she is still 20...if you are wearing your daughters clothes...that show your belly, boobs, or ass....you are slightly cray cray...just saying. I absolutely believe that moms can be fashionable and I hope I am one of them, but I want to be in fashion with my age appropriateness ;).

So here is my tip, force yourself to buy something that is a little pricey that is a size you are striving for- this may not work for everyone, but if you are cheap...like me- you will not want to have spent all that money and then never wear it..talk about a double defeat...GROSS! SO I will wear this dress! I promise you, and then once I reach that size I will be back for more Miss Becka...so be ready! ;)

P.S. I had to do this post today because I got my lovely pink package in the mail...Woot!!! :) picture of dress to come...not on me of course! :)

                                           xoxo, Lindsay

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