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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Up hill battle..stay with me

Why is it that it used to be so easy to lose weight? I'm not 30 yet and I am struggling...WTH! I need to get this ship under control right meow. Today has been a STRUGGLE, for some reason I feel as though I have a tapeworm..gross I know, and no I don't really. Seriously, I have had a bowl of kid cereal..yes I have crunch berries in my house...sue me..ive also had hummus with pretzel chips, dark choc almonds and those were snacks...wtf.  I know what I want, but there is this stupid little demotivater in my head constantly. As soon as I lose a pound I think...whew go me, and then have a little slip. Little slips are fine, however they have snowballed for me. I was doing great until last weekend. I love having fun, but if its going to de-rail me like this is it truly fun? Am I alone in this, do you get it?! Although I realize my "bad choices" aren't even close to what they used to be (WINNING), I'm so far from where I want to be. I know e mantra progress, not perfection... BUT I seriously am struggling today. I did however look at the calendar yesterday, and it's about 12 weeks starting Monday from my first 5k, so this is when I need to go into overdrive!! Most of you may think that I am setting myself up, however if you truly know me, you know I am a huge procrastinator, def not a good quality. However, with the bad can come good, I tend to do well under pressure unless I'm driving then eff that shiz. 

Ok so, I probably have not really motivated anyone else, but holding myself accountable right now means that i'm getting up off my butt and doing some turbo fire! I seriously need to be more productive, but if I can get my workout in ill be doing a lot today. Monday starts my c25k for like the 4th time....it seriously needs to STOP effing snowing, I'm SO OVER THIS CRAP. I am also going to probably not be Able to move Saturday, but going with a great friend to an open house at her workout studio, I'm pretty pumped....they will be using drumsticks for one class....hells yes!! Okay now I'm feeling better, maybe carrots and tilapia for dinner plain....yeah after all those calories today it's a must! Thanks to all my followers all four of you ;-) <3
                                           Xoxo, Lindsay


  1. I have days where I don't EVER feel satisfied, always want to eat, eat, eat. Those days piss me off and really frustrate me. My theory is that we are limiting our calories on a daily basis and maybe our bodies are needing a little extra? IDK if that's true, but I will for sure find that out. :) I know days like yesterday piss you off too but I also know you won't give up. That's where the difference is. And maybe if you stop partying like a rock star and become boring like me, you'd have better luck. haha! Just messing.
    Oh and btw, the sample of the rhythm class yesterday was only 3 songs long. My lower/side back (you know the fastest area) is so sore this morning. Woohoo! Excited for saturday. And you'll be able to move saturday, just not sunday or monday or tuesday... :)

  2. I think you are probably right about your calories- for as much as you burn you def need more calories :) However you are a billion times smaller than me LOL :) But yes days like yesterday totally irritate me but I will say after I worked out I felt a billion times better!

    To the rock star comment...HAHA if you only knew 5 years ago..then I was a rock star now I can be compared to Mick Jagger or better yet Bret Michaels- lol a rock star wannabe that can't really hack it anymore lol...sorry for their fans I love their music but lets be serious they aren't excatly Adam Levigne...just sayin ;) but seriously I know now why I DON'T go out as much anymore!!! I will def keep it to the special occasion..lol hangovers SUCK! AND I am sooooo excited for Saturday I am probably not going to live through it but thats ok haha I am ready to be a "soldier" lol..not really haha

    Thanks for your support girl!! you seriously have no idea how much it helps to have a health nut as a friend :) you get my crazieness!


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