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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Morning workout AND 5 must haves!

 I must say I did do my workout this morning. WHOOP! I did however not get up as early as I had anticipated, almost an hour to be exact...whomp whomp...BUT I did do Turbo fire, and if you read yesterday's post, I was all about easy workouts. Ummmm if you have not tried any of the Turbo's you are MISSING out! For reals, Chalene..kicks my bootay, and I am pretty sure I am going to be jacked and running faster after I get the whole set...BOOM! I am getting soooo excited to do my first run in June, I seriously can not wait to cross that finish line. I will be honest the last two workouts (last night and this morning), I may or may not have been slightly emotional with myself, but in a good way. I never thought I would get to a point in my life where I really enjoyed working out, but I am there. I almost cried last night and this morning, when Chalene said "you looked amazing"...I know like she could see me, and she says it to everyone. Lay off my kool aide, I needed that encouragement, and she is a dang good sales woman because now I want to buy the whole set simply because of the encouragement in it. Ok that's not the ONLY reason, that TurboFire just kicks your ass, I love kickboxing, and the only thing missing from the video is a punching bag ;). I will definitely be doing that tomorrow morning as well.
    Side note- LOVE that I am done working out for the day!! <3

So on to the next item at hand to discuss, Remember my tip jar?!?! Well it is SLOWLY filling up, I got off track for awhile, but I am back at it, and it felt great to put 2 dolla bills in the jar this morning (last night and today). Have any of you tried this trick? Is it working?!

I thought I would also share a list of 5 of my Fridge MUST HAVES, besides the obvious fruits and veggies-these are things that keep me on track.
  1. Almond Milk- seriously I have the pickiest eater to deal with and he is semi lactose intolerant, so this change has done well for both, and he can't tell the difference. Plus I think it definitely enhances the dishes in a GREAT way.
  2. Light String Cheese- This is seriously the EASIEST thing to throw in my purse or take in the car if I need a quick snack
  3. Pickles- I LOVVVEEE pickles, and they are very low cal- just watch the sodium intake ;)
  4. Eggs- If you follow me on myfitnesspal, then you know that Eggs are almost a daily breakfast for me- LOTS of variations (sandwich, omelet,scrambled, over medium, roll-ups, etc) Let me know if you would like a breakfast post- or I may just post one anyway ;)
  5. Salsa- I heart salsa, in fact it may be its own food group at our house, its low cal and if you make your own its ESPECIALLY good for you!!
Hope you enjoyed my must haves...what are your must haves?!

                                  xoxo, Lindsay

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