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Friday, February 8, 2013

Two wins for me this week! BOOM

So recently I have wondered what has brought on this huge obsession with numbers. Has there always been this obsession or is it just me? Think about it, we want our weight to be a certain number, our pants are defined by numbers, our lives tend to revolve around money, how much? how little?. What about calories, how many can I eat? How many did  I burn? Have we really become too obsessed with numbers that we aren't living anymore? Maybe this is just me, and maybe I am just bored to have the time to sit an think about this, but really- when we see school shootings its not about names its about numbers. Companies are now turning people into numbers- Insurance, social work, hospitals, etc How many NUMBERS? When did we stop caring about humans and seeing them as people rather than numbers? This is very concerning to me, I am going to try and remind myself daily that at the end of the day numbers don't matter. Living your life to the fullest, enjoying your loved ones time, and truly being healthy are what matter. When we become so obsessed with numbers, we forget how to live without them. Now am I saying that you should go out and consume 5000 calories in one meal? NO! That is not living either, but when we obsess about things we forget to "smell the roses". I am going to try my hardest to not obsess over my weight in numbers and focus more on what makes my body feel good. IN FACT,  I had two MAJOR progress steps this week. I had an awful day earlier this week, and normally would have turned to food for comfort to make me "feel" better. However, I stopped myself from wanting to throw that frozen pizza in the oven and really thought, "will this really make me feel better?" The answer was very clear....a big fat NO, I KNOW that I would have felt worse afterwards. So instead I had tuna, no bread, and veggies with light ranch for dip. WIN NUMBER 1 for this girl. Win number two, was dinner out. Normally I convince myself that one dinner out isn't going to kill me so I can totally order that burger with fries, or fried chicken salad ( that's healthy right?) WRONG! Instead I ordered the sirloin with garlic shrimp and steamed veggies, and guess what?!?! that was lower in calories than that stupid salad, and SO MUCH BETTER!!! So this week I discovered two things about myself- I can win against food, and I am finally starting to live the life I  always strive for but never quite could get the hang of. In short, I don't need a fad diet or magic pill to make me healthy and fit. I can do this on my own, and it is WAY more gratifying.  I got on the scale this morning and couldn't believe my eyes! I am so proud of myself for doing this, and I know someday when I have kids my children will benefit because of this lifestyle change.

If you have stuck with me through this, than you are awesome. Thanks to my loyal readers ;)

Side note- to those of you who are doing fad diets, and trying magic pills- good for you for trying to be healthy, I am not knocking them in any way- they simply just don't work for me, nor could I stick with them for life.

                                                xoxo, Lindsay


  1. You go girl!!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks lady! Im loving this "on my own" thing :)


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