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Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend extravaganza

So its officially Monday again...whomp whomp. I had a really great weekend without doing anything super extravagant. I went shopping with my mama on Friday, and Finally bought the bag salads that Skinny Meg has been raving about. Let me tell you, the BBQ Ranch- DELICIOUS, I am going to try another one today. :)

So weekend overview, finally got to spend some time with my girls. Can I just say how great it is to be able to say my close girl friends are the SAME girls I grew up with (I'm talkin grade school people). That is nearly unheard of, and my best friend (girl that is) well we went to preschool together. We did the whole thing on the first day of Kindergarten, "wanna be best friends?" and it stuck. So had a great time with them. J and I went before that to see the "armless archer". What a true inspiration, to see someone with an obvious disability, overcome obstacles that most people take for granted. Think about that the next time you text a friend, or wash dishes...he will never have that opportunity.

Sunday was a chore in itself, J and I have nearly completed the "finished" guy-rage (garage). We painted yesterday, and i am excited to say that I am not as sore as I was anticipating. Whoop Whoop! I love spending time with him, and I really love that we can complete projects together, its such a good feeling knowing you have a partner in crime as well as a life-long "helper".

On to more exciting news about my journey, my first 10 lbs have been SOOOOO SLOOOWWWW coming off, like I'm talking snail slow x2. It's always been fairly easy for it to drop off, but I have had to work at it this time. Two things about this are positive as I see it, 1 OBVIOUSLY those easy pounds have always found their way back (not lost anymore), and 2 I am actually making a life change and I KNOW that I can live this way forever. Seriously do you know what i had for supper Saturday night? Pizza and Beer, and helllo scale down 11 lbs Sunday morning. Now that's what I call a  "diet" ;). But seriously, I ate really well all day, eggs with veggies for breakfast with fruit, and a salad for lunch. I allowed myself a tiny piece of cake even. So I don't feel guilty about my choices Saturday as they were in the right portion. I accounted for the calories I was drinking, in a HEALTHY manner.

On a side note, going to attempt Turbo Fire tonight ( courtesy of Tricia- Thanks Girl), unless the weather stays nice, then of course I am going to run outside!! :)) I will definitely keep you posted onto how I feel about it.

Saw this over the weekend and thought I had to share:

Have a Splendid Monday!
                                                        xoxo, Lindsay

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