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Friday, March 1, 2013

Clean eating andddd turbo fire?!

I must have lost my mind, I am starting the advocare cleanse Monday...I'm nervous, excited, and freaked all at the same time. So on this cleanse you are supposed to eat as close to nature as possible.which means, no cheese, ranch,cheese, processed foods of any kind, dairy...did I say cheese? If this cleanse doesn't kill me I may just get myself into clean eating( you can have cheese..just no dyes). I am excited to see just how much processed garbage I can actually live without. It's kind of crazy to think that 90% of the stuff in the average Americans house contains over half of the ingredients that you can't pronounce....say what?! So I'm going to try my hardest to stick to the rule of if you wouldn't purchase the ingredients then you don't need it....J on the other hand...totally against this. why do men insist on acting like children?! So guess what, I'm gonna let you in on a secret...he IS going to eat clean with my meals...yes he will still have his beloved Doritos but I'm going to try my darnedest to get him to eat clean too. Seriously who wants to cook 2 dinners every night?! Um I love to cook but that's just ridonkulous!

On to TurboFire...it finally came in the mail...woot..and as I am looking in their food book..or more like novel...they recommend most of the things that this cleanse has....who knew?! Uhh yeah apparently a lot of people...did you know that a lot of the additives that are in packaged foods actually have addicting agents?! No wonder its so freaking hard to give up nachos, Kraft Mac n cheese, etc.. I find it slightly disturbing that manufacturers find it necessary to put addictive agents in our food just so we continue to buy...gotta love corporate America ;-).

I feel as though I should add a disclaimer that this purely a personal choice, I do not judge those who eat the food I called "garbage" hello I have some of that stuff in my pantry, but when you think about good nutrition, you don't find it in a box. I am hoping I can help you learn with me. I am hoping that by cleaning up my eating habits, I can "clean" up my waistline. Do you know that we are seriously in March already?! Holy Moses summer is coming at a rapid pace!

I have several vacays planned for summer and I want to look amazeballs! So tomorrow I'm doing a crazy amount of workouts with my friend ( if that doesn't kill me, the cleanse still has a chance to).  Sunday I'm starting the C25K for real- 5k coming up and I don't want to look dumb!  Monday is the cleanse- no work out but I plan to start turbo fire tues morn, c25k after work(it's 3 days a week for one haven't done it) I know it seems dumb to put all of that on here, but you keep me accountable. Have a wonderful, safe weekend!!

                                                   Xoxo, Lindsay

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