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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Tuesday for the books-Linked

I have never done a link up before and because I always read them and think "I should do this" I am going to follow through. What the what?! I chose this link up because its funny and I like funny things. Both of these bloggers know how to get a laugh go check them out HERE (Holly) and HERE (Jake)!
Finish The Sentence
1.If calories didn't count I would eat....my weight in pizza every other day with a side of nachos because lets get real after that dang 10 day cleanse with NO cheese I know that I will never EVER...EVER give it up again- EVER!

2.On my prom night....I went with a sophomore, who ended up picking up someone else and they started dating after- Prom night FAIL- but my dress was the bomb..lots of jewels puffiness and pink- I was not about to slut it up on prom night- although the sophomore girls there thought that to be the best choice of action-hmmm maybe that is why my date flew the coop....note to self!

3.When I go to the store I always buy...fresh produce and pray I can use it before it goes bad and I get "the look"- It's not often that I get that "look" but I don't like it- its the look of I told you you would waste it AGAIN!- GAH!

4.Family functions typically....start out good and all normal but then some one has to cock it up (what movie) and I leave annoyed and never so happy to get home- why do some people feel the need to get bat shit crazy in front of others? Keep that crap at home where it belongs!

5.I think my blog readers....are the bomb diggity because you come back to read! :) THANKS! I love hearing when people say they read my blog!

6.I'd much rather be...on a beach with a Miami Vice in my hands soakin up the sun instead of freezing my hiney off in Illinois-BOO!

7. I have an obsession with... expensive purses, shoes ( all kinds), Tiffany Blue- I am determined to own a piece from Tiffany's before I die!

8. My work friends...are just that "work" friends, try to keep things sepparate...ya know what I mean?!

9. When I created my facebook account...I def had a Myspace page still, and thought the cool kids had as many friends as possible and that it was ok for creepy guys you don't know to add you- YIKES- gotta love those first 2 years of facebook. ya know when you had to be in college to have an account...yes I am that old!

10. My least favorite word is..pit...as in arm...ughh it makes me shutter and I don't know why but its gross!

11.I really don't remember...where J and I went on our first date...I thought girls were supposed to remember this crap...I have racked my brain a million times and still..Nothin...that and a few choice nights from college- but I like to pretend they just didn't happen..I don't remember so it didn't happen...right?! like the tree that falls but no one is around so does it really make a sound!? My theory NO, and I will stick to that and deny any crazy thing I did unless it was awesome then I will totally own up!

12. Justin Bieber...makes me feel really old some days, but not too old to NOT bust out a car dance to his songs- that just happened!

Well that was fun, and it def made my blog post short and sweet today. Tuesday's are my least favorite day of the week- No NCIS re-runs on USA- what in the world are they thinking!?!?


  1. arm pit, huh? that's great. thanks for linking!

    1. Haha yes, when people say it in public it's even worse! Yuck


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