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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Accountability-the key to success! Plus giveaway announcement

Today begins yet another attempt at C25K- I WILL get through this whole app if it kills me! I am always so quick to give up if my ankle is hurting or swollen, but this time I will push through regardless of my "pain"- half the battle is mental! Even if I have to speed walk in place of jogging some days I will get through this and run a successful race on June 1st! I can not wait to run it, and with my bff to boot! She is one of my best cheerleaders and I hope to have my other 2 big cheerleaders on the sidelines (mom and J). I plan to look like the people in the crowd at the end! Boom!

On another note- I am super pumped about my "weightloss planner". I am the queen of being organized (I love lists)- sometimes a little too much- I am that girl that has lost something from being too organized! However this planner is already doing wonders- I am tracking thoughts as well as food (times) and work outs for the day with little check boxes- so I am holding myself accountable- who wants to stare at a Un checked check box...NOT THIS GIRL! That's really depressing when you are a person who will write something on your list JUST to check it off- Yes I do that..sorry I'm not sorry! So far today all checks are a go- even hooked myself up with a fresh playlist to run to tonight! I am so excited its FINALLY warm enough outside!!! HURRAY!!!

On another note, I am feeling as though I have finally gotten over my food hurdle! I got the crap out of my system and have gotten back into eating what I should to keep my body healthy and Happy. The sun is definitely helping tremendously!My biggest problem was having that mindset of "if I don't write it down, then the calories don't count right?" WRONG! You are only fooling yourself if you think that way- your body knows what you put in and what comes out and EVERY CALORIE COUNTS!

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Now onto the important task at hand! I am trying to amp up my followers-so I feel important.  I am going to do a giveaway if I can reach 50 followers. See that little box on the side that says  "join this site" CLICK IT! I swear it is painless!! Just do it..you know you want to- aren't you curious about what the giveaway is?! At 20 followers I'll announce what the giveaway is!!

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