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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cleanse recap and where to from here

So the cleanse was officially over yesterday, HOWEVER I came down with some kind of nasty on Tuesday morning, and for some reason a salad didn't sound appetizing, so I had soup instead. Yesterday I still felt icky and ended up eating Mac n cheese ( yes the Kraft kind that I signed the petition for, I do eat it, and I would like it to not contain JUNK- soapbox). So i didn't really get to finish my cleanse with the "Bang" I had hoped for. However, I am going to be trying to keep to the clean eating, and I am trying a new trick. I am making a "note" on my phone to write down my day according to work outs and food.

Today I did not get my morning work out in as I am still feeling like poo, BUT I am going to force myself to do C25k, b/c if this crap doesn't want to leave on its own I am going to sweat it out! So here is my day for a run down on what my meals look like:

8:15 banana
10:15 apple and cheese stick ( YAY CHEESE)
1:15 salad and orange
4:15 almonds and applesauce (natural no sugar)
5:15 Run
6:15 Homemade pizza on gluten free crust ( its in the organic section, mix)

So I am hoping by having every single meal planned a day ahead of time it will help me stick to this better than if I am aimlessly searching for something in my fridge/pantry.  I am going to try and stay eating clean 80/20.

On to what I thought about the cleanse. For the most part I like it, however for me, the strictness was almost too much. I was getting to the point where I was going to binge, and that's never a good place. It was true to what it said, a very gentle cleanse, I didn't even really notice it, except that I felt deprived from CHEESE...I may have a problem. The funny thing is, before I started this cleanse I had already begun exempting cheese from things where it didn't matter (Subway, most salads- you can't usually taste it so why have the extra calories), but KNOWING that I COULDN'T have it somehow made it unbearable for me. I don't think that excess strict eating works for me. I know most think it comes down to will power, and I agree in regular eating it most certainly does. But for some reason our brain seems to want things it "can't" have..at least my brain.  When you aren't 21 drinking becomes a game, its fun...once you hit 21, then you are allowed and it loses a little spark. Same goes for anything that is forbidden. Why do we want those things that we can't have? Because we "can't" have them. So for me, I think keeping the eating as organic and as close to nature as I can get is wonderful, but I am not going to limit myself and not eat things because someone tells me I can't.It's all about finding what works for you, some people do really well with great restrictions, I am not one of those people, and if I want to eat a piece of cheese I am going to, but I am going to try and only eat white cheeses from now on, the others have yellow dye in them and for what?! NOTHING! I really wish they made it easier to buy white American cheese, but for now I will keep buying my pepper-jack MMMM :).

 P.S I think the word "restrictions" should be thrown in with the word "diet" both are EVILLLLLL!

Thanks for stopping by!

                       xoxo, Lindsay

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