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Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 8 on the home stretch: Clean Snacks

So as I am sitting here right now and it is SNOWING...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? seriously I am soooo tried of this yucky weather...I think J and I need to seriously think about buying land in Texas! :) He may disagree...ya know with all his hunting and such :). So to coincide with this craptastic weather...this weekend was cold, rainy, and yucky outside. J and I had a really fun Saturday just the two of us...you know Will Smith style. We went to Iowa City, for those that know J, you can probably already guess what stores we HAD to go to! :) Let me tell you if this weekend was ever a test of my will power i succeeded ten fold what I failed at.
Friday night the friends came over, and I DID AMAZEBALLS. No cheats here! Saturday I did super duper awesome, and thennnn we went shopping, which meant we were probably going to eat out. No worries, I can still find something clean...or I thought! GAHHHH I will tell you Bennigan's is one of my all time favorite places to eat, b/c their potato soup is the bomb diggity. Seriously if you have not eaten it your world is not complete. So on the other side...trying to find something clean in their menu was dang near impossible. So ordered their take on "southwestern" fajitas. I requested no sour cream and no cheese, asked if their tortillas were flour or corn...FLOUR!? GASP...well I let her bring them knowing full well I couldn't eat them. When the steaming skillet came to our table, I was dissapointed to say the least, pretty sure they just steamed the onions and 3 green pepper slices and gave me PLAIN grilled chicken...no spices? Trying to not be discouraged, so I didn't make J feel bad for his choice...I sucked it up I thought ok since its plain as shit I am going to eat it on a flour tortilla...yeahhhh I took one bite and decided it was so gross the flour wasn't even worth it. So instead I ate the guac i requested and a little pico along J's steamed broccoli (normally yum, I gagged- too much plainness in 10 days).
When this bitch is over, I plan to stick to eating mostly what i have had...because it makes me feel good...HOWEVER, and I do mean HOWEVER, I am NEVER giving up cheese again...EVER. The good news is, low fat cheese is considered in fact clean..WINNING!

So here are just a few of my "clean" snack choices I plan to carry over (some I already ate before*):

Boiled egg with piece of fruit
1oz dry roasted almonds with apple
1-2 servings Kale chips with Banana
3 lemon/lime wedges with carrots and hummus
celery and hummus; orange
1oz dry roasted almonds with 1/2 oz dried fruit mix
banana and 1 tbsp almond butter

Those are just a few of my snack options and of course once I can have dairy I can add back in cottage cheese, light string cheese, and non fat greek yogurt.

Thanks for stopping by stay tuned only 2 more days left of cleanse,
                                           xoxo, Lindsay


  1. Keep up the great job, but I would DIE without cheese. Just sayin. :)


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