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Friday, March 22, 2013

Just another speed bump in life

so I am so ready for this day to be OVER! Seriously I woke up on THE wrong side of the bed (not really but kinda). I am not sure what is causing this grumpiness, actually I know exactly whats causing it. Have you ever gotten yourself sucked back into your old habits but feel like you are actually on the outside watching it happen and want to SCREAM NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Well let me tell you that is how I feel today. This week has been awful- number one source- poor grocery planning!

I have been doing so good on making sure to watch my foods and try to work out and I have failed the last 3 weeks ( being sick and mother nature have not helped) however its still my own fault. I have no excuses that are valid, they just suck. I know i haven't lost my motivation, and I definitely don't want this blog to be a Debbie downer site, but sometimes you just need to vent. I am hoping that this poor me session well snap my ass out of this BS. That's exactly what it is BS, this vicious cycle of feeling yucky because of what i have eaten and not exercising turns into more of that crap because of how I feel. Why is it so hard to cut yourself from emotional eating. Last night I seriously felt like puking because I had filled myself up so much. GROSS!  I hate that, more than anything. I have been starting out perfect, and as the day progresses I get worse and worse, and by dinner i have gone off the deep end.

I am making a grocery list TODAY for Monday. Why Monday you ask welllll now on to the exciting part. I am leaving on a train tomorrow morning for Chi-town. Now as hard as it is to believe, someone who has grown up in Illinois her whole life, has not been to Chicago. Well the "real" Chicago. I have been to Six flags, and other suburbs for school purposes, but never Chicago. I am staying on the "Magnificent Mile" and I am pretty pumped. I am probably most excited for Whole Foods-yes I am a foodie and most of you who know me know this is true!

I can't wait to enjoy a real slice of Chicago deep dish pizza, and stroll the shops of downtown. It will be a great get away for me, and a great way to start fresh. I plan on working out Sunday morning- thank goodness Katie is going with me, because she will kick my booty!

Thanks for listening to my cry about my stupid old eating habits, and I will be cleaning out the pantry/fridge tonight so that Monday my only choices are good ones. I need to get back into cooking healthy, I love to cook and I don't know why it becomes such a chore- oh wait yes I do....its when I am not working out, and not eating healthy- when you feel crappy you want to eat crappy until you hit that wall of NO MORE! Last night I hit that famous wall AGAIN, BUT I am not starting my journey over, because part of what makes a journey so fulfilling is knowing what you have overcome. This is just a minor speed bump, and now I am back on track!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Weekend!!

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