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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Roasted Veggies and cleanse update!

So it seems I may have forgotten to blog the last two days- well yesterday I attempted but with there being snow EVERYWHERE I decided to spend my time wisely :).

Over the weekend I told you I would be doing an all morning workout...didn't I? Well if I didn't I most definitely DID. I kid you not I have never worked out for so long in my life (actual working out). Those who know me, know its like pulling teeth (or it used to be) to work out more than once in a day...and that one time better be under an hour. Well this bisch worked out at 815am- about 1045am. I cut the third one short because HOLY buckets I was tired. I did a cheerfit first- I was hoping for more dancing- it was just teaching the moves, :( disappointed. The next work out HOWEVER, made up for the lack there of the first go around. HOLY MOSES. It was a ballet work out and good grief I was shaking by the end (OK maybe half way through). The last one was a rhythm one...think drummer meets aerobics. That's seriously what it was. Sunday I was super SUPER sore, as in there were muscles I was feeling that I didn't know existed. Which means that I got a seriously good work out in! BOOM.
   Not so bad when its through a straw ;) (don't mind my flunk day cup HOLLA)
Monday I started the cleanse with SkinnyMeg and MamaLaughlin. I mentioned that I would be doing this advocare cleanse I am on day 3 this morning, and I have to say, eating clean is the way to go. I haven't been so groggy, and I definitely have had more energy.
     For example: regular night before cleanse, me coming home, dreading making dinner ( i love to cook when I am not dead ace tired) and watching NCIS the rest of the night, occasionally forcing a workout.
                     THIS WEEK: very clear thoughts all day, come home from work, clean up kitchen, prep a crap load of food, organize pantry (a secret love of mine-well it was a secret :)), make dinner, eat with J, finally sit my booty down around 8, watched "The women tell all-Bachelor" (why do I do this to myself?) Then bed. I can't tell you how good I have felt.

This cleanse is a very VERY gentle cleanse- I have done the harsh ones...YIKES! I do have to pee like every 30 minutes (fairly normal for me), but the other part...pretty normal- I know you could hardly wait to hear about my bathroom scenes. So if you are wanting a cleanse that isn't going to make you mad dash to a public bathroom while knocking over grandma Mary and her walker...this is the cleanse for you :)- Plus decently priced for a cleanse! :)

Some of the things I have been eating: grilled chicken (skinless, boneless), Roasted Green beans, mushrooms, and green peppers marinated in balsamic vinegar, Almonds, lots of fruit, Hummus-my new love, LOTS of salad, more new things to try later this week and next.

Here's my recipe for my roasted veggies that were marinated:

1 package frozen green beans
fresh mushrooms
Green Pepper( I had a half that was leftover, and needed to use it)
Balsamic Vinegar
2 tbsp grape seed oil
Old Bay Seasoning
1 tbsp dried oregano
1tbsp Jalapeno Seasoning (spice section, by the creole spices) -optional
1 tsp Italian seasoning (spice section ,not a packet)
Salt and Pepper

 Preheat oven to 350

Balsamic Marinade:
Pour all veggies into Gallon Ziploc baggie
Add in all spices, oil and vinegar
"smoosh" bag around- ITS FUN!
pour onto baking sheet  and place in oven to bake until veggies are tender, around 35-40 minutes is how long mine were in, but green beans were straight up FRO-ZEN, so it just depends on what you like.

In the summer I use asparagus, no spices with Parmesan cheese in its place (I can't have dairy during cleanse, GASP)and then place on foil on your grill (YUM!)

I have to say, I didn't even miss the cheese, the veggies were so tasty on their own! Let me know if you have any particular way you love to roast veggies- I'm pretty obsessed with it! :)

Hope you have a wonderful day, stay tuned on more cleanse updates.

P.S. the workouts have not started back up- but I WILL be doing some TurboFire tonight! :)

                                        xoxo, Lindsay

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  1. You go girl! Saturday was brutal but fun. I am still somewhat tight. lol Today I am going to roast some broccoli in grape seed oil, pepper, salt and parm cheese (sorry about the parm, ;)). I accidently bought mustartd greens instead of kale so at some point we are going to try roasted mustard greens. haha!


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