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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday and Advocare Day 5 of cleanse

I feel as though every morning a little song pops in my head..."Its finally Friday...."sorry for those of you who don't know/like country. Seriously can we just talk about why it takes 5 days for Friday to get here and only 2 for Monday...I feel as though the "work" week is seriously misguided.

I digress.

So it is Day 5 for me, and I must say I wanted to cheat SOOOOO SOOO Bad yesterday and have a piece of cheese, but I knew I wouldn't be able to stop...so instead I ate my fajitas on a bed of lettuce with fresh salsa. I def need to try those salmon cakes soon :) maybe Sunday! Today I am feeling much better, still missing cheese but not the wanting to cheat so much, but it is only 9:04, for most this would be normal...for me this is a WIN! (I can eat cheese for breakfast- what its dairy and has protein!)

So me and my GREEEAAT ideas, I decided that tonight would be a great night to clear out the freezer...aka fried pheasant, fried fish, annndd fried turkey. We are having my bff and her bf over...so now I can't have fried yumminess AND wine?! What in the H E double hockey sticks was I thinking?! Seriously I wasn't...however I am going to have my yummy marinated asparagus with roasted red potatoes and grilled chicken for my dinner. The others will get chips and fresh salsa, loaded baked potato casserole and lots of yummy fried goodness and a few grilled things covered in bacon....seriously I am drooling right now thinking about it. However, I am going to stay strong and if I can make it through tonight then I have no excuses once this cleanse is over!

So onto a side note, I did not get my work out in last night...and for me this was a legit excuse- may not be to some...but I am still struggling with getting a routine down for working out. Its on my TO DO RIGHT FREAKIN NOW LIST....so I got my "Breaking Dawn Part 2" in the mail yesterday. For those of you who are not twilight addicts, I have not seen this one and its the final book/movie. So of course I had to watch part 1 and 2. The good news is, I am down 7.2 lbs in 5 days with out exercise for this cleanse (makes me a little angry with myself to think of what it could be if I had worked out- ya live ya learn). The bad news? I had slowly gained back those 7 lbs that I had originally lost- most of which was water due to eating bad for a week and eating INSANELY bad last weekend.

I am determined to keep this diet going, and the biggest thing for me is knowing HOW to do it. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of salads ( without the extra carbs with croutons- i do love them), instead I use crunch vegetables and almond slivers or sunflower seeds.

I have yet to get down a certain low calorie dressing that tastes good, I tried making my own vinaigrette..but HOLY buckets it calls for a LOTTTT of oil and that's WAY too many calories.  So I am on a mission to find a low cal HEALTHY dressing recipe annnndddd amazing gluten free pizza crust. This my friends seems impossible, BUT I will find them and I will share them when I do...just don't expect them tomorrow ;).

Have a fabulous weekend!! (drink a glass of wine for me ;))

                                      xoxo, Lindsay


  1. Hey Lindsay..
    First of all, I love reading your blog. Second, there is a dressing I use made by Bolthouse Farms and it's made with yogurt so it's only 45 calories per 2Tbsp serving. It's all natural and no preservatives. I highly recommend it, it's delicious! I buy it at hy-vee by the fruits and vegetables in one of the refrigerated cases in case you want to give it a try! Keep writing and I will keep reading! :)

  2. Hey!!! Thanks for the recommendation I will def be checking it out! Thanks for reading!! :-)


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