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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Taking the work out of daily meal decisions

So I have been trying to figure out how to add a "followers" gadget FOREVER...I finally figured it out...but its lonely...so you should probably be the first follower! ;) You know you want to!! :) PLEEEEAASSEEE..haha ok no you don't have to do it, just keep reading :)

So on to other tasks at hand...Menu planning. I tried it one month then gave up on it...why I don't know lack of time or just being lazy.  Either way, I need to figure this crap out- it really did save me money and the dreaded question every night of WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR SUPPER!?...ugh I hate figuring that out and J is usually no help :). The biggest reason I want to get back to it is not even so much for dinner or money reasons but because I need to see what I am eating for breakfast, snacks and lunches daily- those are probably the hardest for me because its so easy to come home and grab leftovers in the fridge and when they aren't very healthy -see last nights post of J's favorite foods- then I eat them anyway and use up pointless calories. So today I am making a menu plan for the month of April and the rest of this month or what's left of it.  I am hoping that by getting this started that I will stick to my work outs as well - I am placing what work out I am doing on each day. Look for updates on if this actually works :)

What are some of your favorite go to meals?! I will be sharing my favorites soon.

On any note I have a new "secret" ingredient for when making meat loaf- I made the same sauce I always do (ketchup, a little bbq sauce and a tsp of brown sugar) then added Peach preserves-OMG yum, although there is a lot of sugar(it is fruit) I feel as though its ok to have a little bit of bad thing as long as it's not every day

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