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Friday, March 29, 2013

Cheers to the freakin Weekend!- A Runner's World

ITS FRIDAY!!!! WOOOOHOOO!! Well Easter is Sunday and I for one can't wait, it means Spring has arrived even if Mother Nature doesn't agree- although around here have you SEEN the temps they are expecting HELLOOO Almost 60 degrees!! :) I just love pastels and Mint is def going to be worn on Sunday and I am super stoked!

I ran outside for the first time since last fall and it was AmAzEbAlLs! Seriously that doesn't even describe the emotions I felt! It truly was perfect temps, and with the Sun being out and shining warmth, I didn't even care that I had an earth shattering awful cramp in my side, but I pushed through and finished it out. Before being a runner I never understood the hype behind running- I mean really who wants to feel like their lungs are exploding with sweat rolling down you and jell-o legs. Personally that sounds just awful. However, when you get through your first real run, you realize that all that crap I just stated is just that crap- the endorphins overpower any pain or negative feeling you could ever have. It is so freeing to be able to conquer something like that, especially from someone who in jr high sucked up to the teacher/track coach so she didn't have to EVER run in "Track AND Field" that's right I just did the "field" part and an occasional 100M dash- seriously anybody can do that!

I realize that some people may think that I don't qualify as a "runner" but you know what I am running laps around those still sitting on the couch doing nothing. Plus you don't have to be a track star or cross country runner (do those exist) to be called a Runner. The word Runner isn't about how fast you go or how far, its about YOU as a person getting up and doing something. As tears roll down my face as I write this I can't help but think its my "fitness family"-you know who you are, that make me push myself just a little farther. I take each day as it comes now, and let me tell you I am 4 work outs in this week and I feel amazing and I still have 3 more to go before my week starts over ( M-S--> I work out)! Trust me those tears I have rolling down my cheek are happy tears, they are more than that really they are PROUD tears! So to those of you struggling to get that work out in today, I want to encourage you to look at this way: You don't have hundreds of workouts to go, you are one work out DOWN, one in the books, one workout that NO ONE can take from you. You can succeed and it happens one day at a time!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and Happy Easter!

And Happy Running to those fellow runners this weekend- ITS GORGEOUS!


  1. I LOVE this!!!
    "I realize that some people may think that I don't qualify as a "runner" but you know what I am running laps around those still sitting on the couch doing nothing". Right on, woman!

    1. Thanks! I read a similar couch quote that continues to motivate me daily to do even or thing! It's better than nothing at all!


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