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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm A fighter

So I know its Tuesday, and I didn't get a post up yesterday. Ah well, today I even struggled to put one up- just one of those days.I thought about blabbing my bad day story to you but who seriously wants to read that? I think its good to know that others have bad days. So there you go I'm having a bad day. I don't however want to dwell on it. I don't want this blog to be a negative Nancy watering hole.

I've gone back and forth on what I want to share today, I've gone on so many different tangents I have made my own head spin. So I guess what it all comes down to is finding happiness, not in others, not in things but in you. In order to radiate happiness you have to have it completely with in you. Now how does one do this you ask? Well I suppose I could tell you its easy, but we all know thats not true. Especially those of us who are struggling right now, whether it be with your body, your health, work, etc. Everyone struggles, but what makes a fighter different? Well they don't give up...EVER. The true definition of "Fighter" is...can you believe Wikepedia doesn't really have one? Go look it up its definition according to one of my elementary teachers is a terrible definition- it uses a synonym or itself in the definition. That's like saying the definition of grass is grass. HELLO that doesn't help! So I will give you my definition:

Fighter: someone who never gives up, who finds the courage when one feels there is nothing left to give; who continues the struggle with everyone and everything going against them; who laughs at the odds of failure; has faith that all will work out in the end

THAT is my definition. I know I am a fighter because I haven't given up on myself. You can be a fighter and have bad days and want to give up, its what you do with THOSE days that makes you who you are. No one ever changed based on good things, its the struggles and hardships we go through that really shape us as human beings. I truly believe that with all my heart. Now with that I also believe "God doesn't give you anything you can't handle- I wish he didn't trust me so much".
 Two more things before I leave you..1. I am going to challenge myself to go a month without Red Dye. I am trying to get my anxiety under control and I am wondering if this will help. 2. If you are a regular by this here ol' blog make sure you click the "join this site" on the right hand side. If you are in mobile version scroll all the way down and hit full web version then "join this site". Thanks to those who already have I promise I will have a good giveaway when I reach 50. I will let you know what it is when I hit 20!! You can only win if you are a follower!! :) Thanks for all of your support!! Happy Running!

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