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Monday, April 22, 2013

weekend Recap- I FINALLY have a phone for pictures!

Well hello again my lovely readers, thanks for stopping by again, or for the first time which ever it is I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY you are here!

Ahhh what a wonderful weekend I had. It was super busy, and guess what it was all DOCUMENTED by photo thanks to my brand spankin NEW IPhone! FINALLY. Can I get an AMEN?!

Friday night is when we went to go get my phone, and thanks Verizon for making us be there OVER an hour. Slightly ridiculous but since I left with my new phone I had minimal complaints, J on the other hand is a completely different story. What is it about men and waiting that can make them revert to their childhood? I love that man but Lawdy he can make me bananas some days.

On to Saturday, again with the bananas...aka Cray Cray (yeah I went there). I have struggled for almost 2 years with hormonal issues thanks to the lovely "mirena" aka garbage they insert in your uterus.

I digress, that Birth control really did a number on me, but that's a story for a different day.  I have been without it for almost a year and let me tell you it has been for the BEST. I am a million times better than where I was, but still have my moments. Lately those moments have seemed to be similar to when I had Mirena, low and behold I have a hormonal imbalance. LOVELY!

I know some people do not agree with Natural Health and that is fine, but I do and that is my prerogative.

Please don't tell me how modern medicine is better- I think there are pros and cons to both. Period.

I went to see my mom's best friend who has the Health food store to see if I could take anything to help with my "moodiness"- I use quotes to make myself feel better its really more like a shit storm.

I am not taking a few things to help balance me out, and although it may be in my head I feel a MILLION times better! I was seriously getting depressed! Ladies, we all know there is nothing more detrimental to your weight loss journey than depression (no motivation, no work outs, and junk) YIKES! I am feeling ready to be back on track! This took all morning- mostly because my mama went with and her friend is like my second mama, so we chat like its goin out of style a lot!

Saturday night did not go as planned but none the less it was a lot of fun. Our friend came over, he's actually the one who set J and I up- what a guy huh? We went target shooting at his dad's , and then of course J decided is royal cheapness wants to eat at home, so I of course go to the grocery store (spending what we probably would have on dinner) and got a few extra things for dinner.
shameless selfie while the boys were setting up targets- one happy girl!

check out that business! That target is only ME! BOOM!

Top is Steak Kabobs, bottom left grilled potato pack, and bottom right are my jalapeno poppers!

Sunday was quite uneventful, the only thing on my agenda that day was relaxing- I was super tired y'all. We lounged all day, watched some movies..it was glorious! I also got an email from one of the 5K sites saying that there is sand volleyball league going on this summer on Wednesdays.. WHAT?!? SIGN ME UP! So I am in the process of getting a team together. On top of that my friend texts me to see if I want to be on the Friday league as well. I haven't played volleyball in YEARS people, this could be a hilarious sight!
 Comin up this week:
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Stay tuned......

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