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Thursday, April 4, 2013

My little secret! Dance it out!

So I have a secret to share....its not dirty but it is fun! Well I am sure by now you have all figured out that I have a new love...running..well I have for over a year. What you don't know are my reasons- well my number one reason! So yes I love it for the same obvious reasons that other "runners" do. Its freeing and its a feeling you can only get from running. I will be even more happy when my lovely thighs aren't rubbing together and causing shorts to ride up. I can NOT wait until I can wear those shorty shorts that are spandex and look AMAZEBALLS in them! Oh its gonna happen.

Do you know what really gets me excited about running though? My playlist! Its not just your average playlist, I have been a music connoisseur for a long LONNNGGG time. I mean really who wouldn't be able to tell I am a music junky by just looking at my computer ( I may or may not have close to 5000 songs). I do not listen to just one genera I check them all out. My playlist has anything and everything on it from Nelly to Brantley Gilbert to T. swizzle ( yes she is a guilty pleasure- no I do not want to see her perform live...ever...Never..like Ever). However do you know what the best part of my play list is...I put songs on that I want to dance to. You know the songs I am talking about the songs that when you hear them you can not KEEP yourself from dancing no matter where you are. No? Am I the only one who dances in their car at a red light...downtown? Well I don't care my car rides are better than yours! So I will tell you two songs that are A MUST on my play list and that I Seriously DANCE while running/walking on my route every DANG TIME!. Ready? Here's NUMBER ONE:
                                Yeah that's right..."Shake it for me girl shake it for me girl" and I do!
My other song that I can't help but rock some serious moves to such as running man is...wait for it...Push by Salt'n Peppa- Okay for real who doesn't feel like bustin a move every time they hear this song..or any of their songs for that matter.
                         You are welcome!

I hope you enjoyed my little secret now I DARE You to bust a move on your next run! I'm sure the citizens will thank you as much as the neighbors and passerby's on the highway thank me ;) Here's a little motivator...as if those songs weren't enough! HA!
found this lovely gem over at ElleNoel go check her out!
Until next time! Have a Happy Thursday!


  1. I may or may not have broke out in dance to Foot Loose one time running. :)

    1. haha I love it!:) I literally did part of the "push it" song tues night during my run! We may need to have the same playlist when we do our "guns" tank run together! haha so we can bust a move in the middle of the race!


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